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Yet ANOTHER Republican-led State Signs on to Medicaid Expansion. And Virginia?


Yep, so we can now add yet another Republican governor to the long list of Republican governors saying “yes” to Medicaid expansion. These Republicans can call their expansions whatever they want (e.g., “Healthy Indiana”); say they’re really not “expanding” Medicaid buy “reforming it” (whatever); claim (falsely) that Medicaid expansion has no connection go the evilevilevil “Obamacare” (also known as the “Affordable Care Act,” whose provisions are highly popular with the American public), blah blah blah.

But the bottom line is, more and more Republican governors are taking this shwwwwweeeeeeet deal for their states’ budgets and their citizens, and not letting the hard-right Teahadists, etc. stop them.

And then there’s Virginia, a “purple” state led by a Democratic governor and Democratic Party who badly want to expand Medicaid, where Republican House Speaker Bill “ALEC” Howell, hard-right-wing Republican Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, along with their Teapublican troops, are putting on a modern display of what used to be known in these parts as “massive resistance.” In this case, it’s about health care coverage for poor people, many of whom are these Teapublican lawmakers’ own constituents. But whatever; Virginia Republicans are having none of the common sense and sanity we’re seeing in an increasing number of Republican-led states around the country. Essentially, Virginia Republicans have no substantive argument, other than to essentially admit, “we’re extremists, we’re proud of it, we’re not changing, and that’s that.” Oh, and “screw Virginia’s budget, people who desperately need good healthcare coverage, hospitals which want/need this expansion, etc, etc.

The question is, why would anyone in Virginia vote for these cretins?

  • Bumble Bee

    pretty well describes the Republican majority in the General Assembly and the people who vote for them.

  • EstherF

    I picture the country’s first black president leaving office, and the General Assembly briskly wrapping up this Medicaid expansion, to Virginia’s great financial advantage, at just about the same time. It’s the only explanation for the deep-rooted, non-rational anti-“Obama”care attitude that I can come up with.

    When I say non-rational, I mean that discussions about this particular policy are never about policy, dollar figures, cost of coverage, results in other states, statements by major players such as rural hospirals, or anything of the sort. It’s just a combination of bitter, scornful laughter and fear, never the thinking and reasoning part of the brain.