Qarni Labels Obenshain’s Constitutional Amendment On Charter Schools “Irresponsible” & “Misguided”


    From the Atif Qarni for State Senate campaign, it’s great to see a teacher standing up “against these irresponsible and misguided attacks on our public school system” by Republicans like Sen. Mark “Criminalize Miscarriages” Obenshain.  (note: photo by Sara Pashaei Photography, which clearly does great work!)

    MANASSAS, VA – Atif Qarni commented on Senator Obenshain’s proposed Constitutional Amendment to make it easer to establish charter schools in the state.

    Qarni made the following statement: “Senator Obenshain’s plan to take money from public schools to establish charter schools is not the fair chance all students deserve; this plan means giving up on public schools. As a public school teacher, I see that we’ve been systematically cutting public education funding in Virginia and it’s time to put that practice to an end. I refuse to give up on public education as Senator Obenshain has. It is crucial that we continue to fight against these irresponsible and misguided attacks on our public school system.”

    Qarni has continued to speak out against attacks on public schools. As a public school teacher he has watched as plans to cut education have resulted in a loss of $1000 per student since 2009 in public education funding. “This is the wrong way to address our problems in education. As far as I’m concerned, this plan is cut-and-run, not leadership for the strong education that Virginia needs.”

    Atif Qarni is running for the Senate of Virginia because he believes our district needs a strong voice to continue the legacy of Senator Colgan- one who will fight for important issues like improving our schools by reducing class sizes, bringing more jobs to Prince William County, and reducing the burden of traffic and congestion.

    Qarni wants to continue his record of service to his country and his community that includes service in the armed forces as a Marine and as a public school teacher in Dale City.  He will be a strong voice for the values of the 29th District.


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