Scott Walker’s Awful Answer on ISIS


    Governor Walker of Wisconsin is attempting to rebuild his foreign policy credentials.

    He said

    “If I can take on 100,000 protesters,I can do the same across the globe.”

    Think about what this implies: the governor suggests that people who disagree with his policies are the equivalent of 14th-century murdering terrorists in the Middle East.

    His red meat supporters literally drooled with delight.

    Governor Walker’s handlers, when he was called out for comparing the union supporting police and school teachers to ISIL, were pretty slow to issue a faux-denial, of the wink-wink, nudge-nudge variety, to wit.  It came eons to late, and nobody is buying it.  

    Kristen Kukowski, communications director for Walker’s 527 organization, sends along this statement: Governor Walker believes our fight against ISIS is one of the most important issues our country faces. He was in no way comparing any American citizen to ISIS. What the governor was saying was when faced with adversity he chooses strength and leadership.Those are the qualities we need to fix the leadership void this White House has created.

    Truthfully, comparing tax paying citizens of Wisconsin who disagree with him to ISIL, and saying that he would exterminate them, is exactly what he was talking about.

    My opinion of Walker, initially, was that he was a just another self-promoting, delusional, ham-fisted blowhard bully, cut from the same fabric as Chris Christie. I have now been forced to revise that view.

    Gov. Walker is a dangerous person. Ignorance combined with certitude and an unwillingness to learn combined with what passes for Christianity are a prescription for disaster.

    Imagine him, or a vengeful, thwarted, ham-fisted bully like Chris Christie, or a newly created religious bigot, like Jeb Bush, with the immense power of the levers of government in his hands. The first thing they will do, after they officially have those powers, is to use them to shut the rest of us up.

    This is a man who is entirely capable of making Christian Sharia law look mild.

    What we will see is the American version of sharia law imposed on everybody else by the tiny minority old white guys who are terrified of losing their unearned, and undeserved, primacy in American society.

    Like every other clown in the car, he is so consumed with hate that he fails to appreciate the fact that the president of the United States must be the president of ALL of us, not just his supporters, and that those who oppose his views are not vermin.  


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