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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, February 27. Also, check out the loop of John Boehner making kissy sounds at a reporter. Yep, that’s the Republican Party’s leader in the US House of Representatives.

*GOP stopgap bill may calm DHS shutdown fears (Wow, three whole weeks – what a competent party the GOP is! Not.)

*Out of line (“Scott Walker’s questioning of Obama’s faith.” This one’s by conservative columnist Michael Gerson.)

*‘Jihadi John’ is a Kuwaiti-born Londoner named Mohammed Emwazi

*Scott Walker’s Awful Answer on ISIS (I’m linking to the National Review specifically because it’s a right-wing publication. Even they know that Scott Walker comparing peaceful protests by Wisconsin working people to a vicious, sadistic, murderous terrorist group is beyond outrageous.)

*The new GOP split on net neutrality (Bizarre; when did the Republicans become so vehemently anti-net-neutrality? When President Obama announced he supported it? This routine got tedious a loooong time ago.)

*Rush Limbaugh Conspiracy Theory: NYC ISIS Arrests A Ploy To Push Net Neutrality, Ban Gun Ammunition (Tedious AND insane, what a combo!)

*Scalise to EPA chief: ‘snow blizzards’ contradict climate science (This is the same Republican who spoke at a white supremacist rally and apparently was friendly with neo-Nazi leader David Duke.)

*Jim Inhofe’s snowball has disproven climate change once and for all (Yet another insane Republican for a Friday morning. My god, where do they find these freaks?)

*USDA Whistleblowers Tell All-and You May Never Eat Bacon Again (“Diseased carcasses, fecal matter in food, untrained employees, and other delights from a new report on pork processing plants.”)

*House in limbo: Beyer says ‘dangerous time’ to shut down Homeland Security

*Jim Webb: We need a voice for economic fairness, new doctrine on U.S. security (I agree on the voice for economic fairness, it just won’t be Jim Webb as president.)

*Gov. McAuliffe defends signing bill to change Dominion oversight (“The governor said he tried to negotiate a compromise with the utility.” Hmmmm…I’ve heard REALLY different stories on this one!)

*General Assembly almost done (” The end is well in sight for this session of the Virginia General Assembly, and though a number of high profile issues remain to be done, all indications are the body will wrap its work up Friday.”)

*Virginia to compensate victims of forced sterilizations

*Gov. McAuliffe signs bill on marijuana oil for epilepsy treatment

*Taking aim at PETA’s work (“PETA can certainly be its own worst enemy. But the organization does a job no one else wants.”)

*Va. Republican Party spokesman to announce departure (“Garren Shipley says he’s taken another job that will allow him to spend more time with his family.” Ha, gotta love the ol’ “spend more time with my family” line when someone in politics has been fired.)

*Governor proposes part-time ABC board (“Under McAuliffe’s proposal, the state liquor authority would be led by a part-time board and a chief executive officer”)

*Va. delegates dole out mock ‘sensitivity caucus’ awards

*Terry McAuliffe, Republican (I wouldn’t say that, but he’s definitely from the pro-corporate wing of the party.)

*Patient transported from Clarendon apartment does not have Ebola (More idiotic Ebola coverage, when thousands of Americans die from the flu every year.)

*Fairfax prosecutor asked state police to investigate Fairfax police shooting

*Another chilly day ahead with a 40 percent chance of snow


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