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Sorry Right Wingers: 10 Ways the NFL is “Socialistic”


The NFL isn’t really “socialistic,” but in the minds of right wingers everywhere, the following should qualify the NFL – which they love so much – as one of the most “socialistic” institutions in the United States.

1. All its players are UNION members. I know, the horror! the horror! (snark)

2. NFL union members (all the players, that is) negotiate their contracts through collective bargaining.

3. They practice revenue sharing among the teams. I mean, in Ayn Rand World, shouldn’t the BEST teams get the most money and the losers get the least?

4. More “socialism” — “Teams are also kept on an even playing field through the salary cap, essentially an ‘allowance’ which limits the total amount franchises can spend on player salaries.”

5. The NFL gets billions in taxpayer-funded corporate welfare.

6. For tax purposes, the NFL is considered a “non-profit”. Seriously.

7. The NFL gets an anti-trust exemption

8. The worst teams get the best picks in the draft, or as Bill Maher points out, ‘what the Republicans would call “punishing success.'”

9. The de facto minor league system for the NFL is heavily dependent on state-funded colleges and universities.

10. The NFL benefits package includes pensions, 401(k)s, parental leave, health insurance, and all kinds of things right-wing politicians across America have been fighting to pare back, limit or get rid of entirely for years now.

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