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Aneesh Chopra: “Join me in supporting Atif Qarni for State Senate”


From Aneesh Chopra: 

We’ve got a chance this year to change the balance of power in the Virginia Senate. 

In 2013, you supported my campaign for Lt. Governor of Virginia. While ultimately we came up short on Election Day, I’ll never forget that you stepped up to participate in our democracy. Today, I’m asking you to step up again and support my friend Atif Qarni, who is running for the Virginia Senate. 

Can you contribute to Atif’s campaign today? He’s facing a big fundraising deadline on March 31st

A math teacher and Marine Corps veteran, Atif is a strong candidate to fight for our values in Richmond. He lives in Manassas with his wife and their two sons. The Democratic Senator representing Atif’s district has decided to retire, and Atif is running in the June Democratic primary to replace him. 

Our democracy is at its best when folks step off the sidelines and get into the game. I know what it’s like to be in a tough primary – but I know Atif has what it takes to win. I also know that while primaries are tough, they are good for our party, and for our Commonwealth. 

I hope you’ll join with me and support Atif Qarni for Virginia Senate. Contribute today before theMarch 31st deadline. 

Atif’s family emigrated from Pakistan. He grew up here and graduated from George Washington University. He joined the Marines and served in combat in Iraq. For the past 6 years, he’s been a teacher in Prince William County public schools. He knows what it takes to win. 

A contribution from you can have a tremendous impact on this race. 

Thank you for your friendship, and for supporting candidates who will provide strong leadership for Virginia. 



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