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Prince William County Republicans Imploding?


Are Prince William County Republicans in the midst of imploding? Based on a few articles I’ve read the past few days, it sure seems like it.

First, check out Republican pundit resigns from Prince William GOP, which explains how “[a] longtime Republican pundit and blogger has resigned from the Prince William County Republican Committee because he said he cannot support county Supervisor Maureen Caddigan’s reelection bid.” Why not? Basically, because Caddigan “supported Democrats Kathleen Seefeldt, Sharon Pandak and Hilda Barg in four separate races against Republicans in 1999, 2005, 2006 and 2007,” and because “Caddigan has been a ‘consistent advocate for higher taxes and increased spending on programs that are not core services for county residents,’ violations of the GOP creed.” In short, Caddigan isn’t extreme and crazy enough for the far-right-wing of the Prince William County GOP. Sound familiar? It should, because this type of thing is happening all over the country.

Second, see today’s Washington Post, which explains the latest GOP cluster@#$@:

Republican supervisors in Prince William County may have to compete in unpredictable individual caucuses this spring after the local party committee missed a state deadline for requesting a traditional primary.

The mistake could make board of supervisors chairman Corey A. Stewart (R) and four Republican colleagues more vulnerable to lesser-known challengers, who could pack a caucus or firehouse canvass with enough supporters to stage an upset victory.

We can only hope, as Caddigan, Martin Nohe and Corey Stewart could all lose in a convention, which could help make November a bit more interesting/encouraging from a Democratic perspective.

Finally, you’ve just got to love headlines like Chaos in Prince William County! and Wierd Happenings in Prince William County Traced to Illuminati Chapter (yes, it should be spelled “weird” not “wierd,” and who knows what they’re talking about with regard to the “Illuminati”) on the right-wing blogs.

Anyway, let’s hope that Democratic Board Chair candidate Rick Smith and other Dems in Prince William County can take advantage of this “chaos.” Same thing in Loudoun County, by the way, as there’s some serious Republican chaos there too. Gotta love it. 🙂


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