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VA Sierra Club: “No. 1 threat to our democracy and to our environment in Virginia is Dominion”


Dear Lowell,

It's time to take back our democracy and protect our environment in Virginia from the corporate cronyism that dominates politics in our state. We needn't look any further than to our convicted and disgraced last Governor to know that politics in Virginia are broken. 

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The No. 1 threat to our democracy and to our environment in Virginia is Dominion Resources (and its subsidiary, Dominion Virginia Power), which is the state's biggest polluter and the largest campaign contributor to both Democrats and Republicans in our General Assembly.

We must limit Dominion's power and influence over Virginia politics.


This is no coincidence. Dominion is turning Virginia into its personal “piggy bank” as rips off ratepayers year in and year out and uses its customer overcharges to buy politicians. In 2014 and again in the General Assembly Session which just ended, Dominion CEO Tom Farrell and Virginia Power President Robert Blue “robbed” hundreds of millions of dollars right out of our wallets as our State Senators and Delegates, with too few exceptions, voted overwhelming for legislation written by Dominion, for Dominion.  

This not just a consumer issue.  This year, Dominion blamed the EPA's Clean Power Plan as the reason they needed to fleece rate payers, convincing gullible or cynical legislators that it would not pass on the costs of compliance if our Senators and Delegates would just let Dominion keep the overcharges to its customers for the next five years.  

Cleverly, Dominion disguised the legislation as a “rate freeze”, but the EPA's Clean Power Plan is actually going to save us money if Dominion invests in efficiency instead a new $10+ billion North Anna 3 nuclear reactor near an active earthquake fault.

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The good news is that the public and the press are now waking up to this abuse of power. Editorials across the state over the past month called on the General Assembly to reject Dominion's latest money and power grab. But too few of our legislators were listening.

That's why Sierra Club is joining an angry army of activists to take on Dominion and return Virginia's politics and air and water to its rightful owners, we, the people of the Commonwealth.

Won't you please join us?



Glen Besa, Director
Sierra Club Virginia Chapter


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