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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, March 25.

*How American journalists deal with climate deniers (“The basic mental model that has governed U.S. journalism for decades – two mirror-image sides, each with their moderates and extremists, engaging in normal politics – is crumbling and it’s not clear what journalism will look like when the dust clears.”)

*Oil And Gas Giant BP Cuts Ties With Conservative Group ALEC

*Obama: Remarks dim prospects for Palestinian state (Thanks in large part to the right wing, both in Israel and their misguided supporters here.)

*Black box damaged in German jetliner crash

*Satellite scientist cited by Ted Cruz disagrees with him on climate change (Cruz just lies and lies and lies and lies and…)

*Ted Cruz going on Obamacare (Almost seems like an “Onion” headline for this lying hypocrite and Joe McCarthy-style demagogue.)

*Liberals, Conservatives, and Jobs (“Republicans…are desperately trying to claim that the economic recovery now underway is an illusion. They can’t handle the truth.”)

*Editorial: Gov. McAuliffe should impose a moratorium on the death penalty

*Ruling could mean delays for Atlantic Coast Pipeline (How about delaying it forever? Stupid idea by a bunch of greedy people.)

*Vetos likely for bills on home-schooled athletes, absentee ballots (Good on both!)

*Navy response to Islamic State “hit list” frustrates families

*U-Va. board approves 11% increase in tuition, fees for in-state freshmen (“The plan will also lower borrowing caps for those in need by $10,000.”)

*Jeb Bush donates $10,000 to state GOP (Guess who wants to win the Virginia Republicans primary? LOL)

*Report: Va. governor received special treatment from Homeland Security (“DHS’s now-No. 2 official intervened for Terry McAuliffe, who sought visas for investors in his company.”)

*Our view: What police didn’t say in the UVa rape report

*A better way to pick judges in Virginia (“Judgeships shouldn’t be patronage positions, yet that’s what they’ve routinely become; after leaving elected office, state lawmakers themselves frequently end up years – or, in some cases, months – later working full time in the judiciary.”)

*Martese Johnson’s education happened on that sidewalk (“He asked ‘How could this happen?’ as he was violently arrested. But he needed to have known before then.”)

*Fairfax county attorney lays out plans for change after Geer controversy

*Schapiro: ABC bust of Martese Johnson spotlights alphabet soup of cop shops

*U-Va. sought inquiry into gang-rape claim 6 months before magazine story

*Editorial Charlottesville police, justice department reports are cautionary tales

*Morrissey claims unfair treatment as he bids for Senate seat

*Virginia Beach’s arena development is moving at a slow crawl

*David Lambert announces run for Morrissey’s seat

*A chance of passing showers today ahead of Thursday’s burst of spring

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