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“We Know Bill” Site Leaves Out the People Who REALLY Know Bill Howell…and a Bunch Who Never Will


Among other problems with this website of fawning quotes about Virginia House Speaker Bill “ALEC” Howell: 1) in a district that’s about 30% non-white, the only people who apparently “know” Howell are…well, not exactly the most diverse; 2) the site leaves out the fact that the people that really matter who “know” Howell are not ordinary voters in his district, but these folks (the Virginia Beer Wholesalers, the Virginia Wine Wholesalers, the Virginia Bankers Association, Verizon, Alpha Natural Resources, Altria, the Virginia Coal Association, ExxonMobil, Dominion, etc.) who have donated over $3 million to Howell over the years; and 3) also not mentioned on Howell’s site is a group which knows him VERY well — the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a notorious corporate front group that introduces “model bills” which “reach into almost every area of American life and often directly benefit huge corporations.” Those are the relevant folks who “know” Bill Howell, but you don’t see any of them on his “We Know Bill” website. Gee, I wonder why THAT might be. Hmmmmm…let me think.

P.S. A few things we DO know about Bill Howell is that he doesn’t care about uninsured Virginians, thinks women should have invasive transvaginal ultrasounds mandated by the state, does what his corporat masters tell him, does not support serious ethics reform, etc, etc.


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