Come Clean Mr. Blue! What is Dominion trying to hide?


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    An Open Letter to Robert Blue:

    Robert Blue, President

    Dominion Virginia Power

    Dear Mr. Blue:

    On behalf of the Sierra Club and also as a Dominion customer who received your letter regarding SB1349, we are calling on you to fully discuss the financial information required by the State Corporation Commission to analyze Dominion electricity rates, possible overcharges and the costs of implementing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

    Dominion’s entire justification for SB1349 was that costs of implementing this EPA rule would be high, and that Dominion wanted its shareholders to absorb those costs rather that passing them on to your customers.  As absurd as that argument was and is, the General Assembly passed your legislation on your representation that you would continue to give the SCC full access to Dominion’s financial records.  

    In your letter, you said, “”Nor would Dominion’s books be closed to SCC inspection, as some contend. The base rate review scheduled for this year would go on. Beyond that, we would continue to provide the SCC with full access to our financials.”

    Additionally, your lobbyist John Rust at the House hearing on SB1349 in responding to a question from Delegate Tom Rust about the audits said  “In terms of the review by the commission, the commission has the authority to do the audit, do the inspection of the books, to get the reports from the utility during this period, but the rates stay frozen during this period.”

    Now we learn that you want to withhold the financial information that would permit the SCC to evaluate the very claims you asserted to justify passage of SB1349. We find that position unconscionable.

    What exactly is Dominion trying to hide. Mr. Blue?  Come clean Mr. Blue and give the SCC full access your books as promised in your letter.

    Glen Besa, Director

    Sierra Club-Virginia Chapter


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