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3 State Senators from Fairfax Propose Ethics Legislation Aimed at Shady Supervisors Like John Cook


You know it’s bad when Sen. Dick “Can’t Legislate Ethics” Saslaw thinks your behavior is so unethical that it requires special legislation aimed at cracking down on you. In this case, it’s very clear that the three Virginia State Senators — who as the press release below (from Senators Chap Petersen, Dave Marsden and Dick Saslaw) notes “combined represent the entirety of the Braddock District in Fairfax County” — are targeting the current Braddock District Supervisor, John Cook (R) and his ethical issues (“as a partner in this firm, John seems to be directly benefiting from some of the public money that is being paid to his firm.  This isn’t just on some minor issues either- John’s firm is representing the Sheriff’s office in the recent taser death at the Fairfax jail”). Now, for Cook’s own good, maybe they could also introduce legislation to permanently keep Cook off of Twitter, after his “troll” debacle following Oleszek’s campaign kickoff on March 22? Heh.

P.S. In all seriousness, I hear that Cook’s staff changed his Twitter password after that debacle and won’t tell him what it is, because he clearly can’t handle himself on social media. LOL

Fairfax County Senators Introducing New Fairfax Ethics Legislation

Bill would allow Fairfax County new authority in creating local ethics laws

Today Senator Chap Petersen (Fairfax) announced he will support a bill in the 2016 session giving local governments like Fairfax County the ability to regulate its own ethical issues.  “Fairfax probably has tools to deal with this issue, but by establishing this legislation we will give the County the unquestionable authority it needs to create appropriate rules for its local elected officials.  Based on recent press accounts, it’s better to make that clear now.”  Senator Petersen said.  “Any such legislation must be and will be consistent with existing state law which presently forbids local governments from terminating employees who participate in politics, whether in the County or a neighboring jurisdiction.”

Senator Dick Saslaw (Fairfax) and Senator David Marsden (Fairfax) also announced they will be joining Petersen in this legislation.

Petersen’s bill will clarify any “Dillon Rule” issues, and ensure that Fairfax County has full authority to create appropriate regulations. Fairfax is the largest county in Virginia, with a population of over 1,100,000 residents and each Supervisor represents over 100,000 residents in Fairfax. This and other issues make Fairfax uniquely in need of special legislation.  Fairfax County Supervisors voted to raise their pay last month to $95,000 a year, the highest for any local government in Virginia.

Petersen, Saslaw and Marsden all represent Fairfax County, and combined represent the entirety of the Braddock District in Fairfax County.


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