Video: EW Jackson Asks, “What about restraint against these THUGS?”


    Just remember, this demagogue and extremist was the Virginia GOP’s 2013 nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia. Here he is, blaming the situation in Baltimore on too much restraint by police officers against “these thugs;” on “leaders who have demagogued the issue of race;” etc. Is there any evidence for any of that? Does E.W. Jackson ever NEED any evidence to hurl unfounded charges around? No, and no. By the way, note that Jackson doesn’t even mention the apparent murder by police of Freddy Gray, nor does he mention the numerous root causes – poverty, blight, etc. – behind what’s happening in Baltimore. NOR does he mention the many peaceful protests, nor the fact that you can’t equate property damage with the loss of human life, nor…oh forget it.


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