WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, released the following statement today on the Iran nuclear negotiations:

    “The framework agreement reached today is a positive step for diplomacy and efforts to peacefully limit Iran’s nuclear program. Thanks to Secretary Kerry and the P5+1 negotiators, as well as the power of the U.S.-led sanctions regime, the plan announced today includes significant concessions from Iran that, if fully implemented, would protect the world from nuclear proliferation in the region.

    “I support the following elements of the framework: that the vast majority of Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium will be neutralized; the length and invasiveness of the IAEA-led inspection regime on all aspects of Iran’s nuclear program and facilities; and the fact that U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran for its support to terrorists and proxy groups in the region will remain in place under any deal. However, critical work remains over the next three months to ensure the technical elements of a final, comprehensive deal are enforceable and that Iran will fully comply with these provisions.

    “I will closely monitor the process of converting this conceptual agreement into a final deal that cuts off all of Iran’s paths to nuclear weaponry. And I will continue my efforts to build bipartisan support for the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act – legislation that sets up a clear and constructive process for Congress to weigh in on any final deal that touches upon the statutory sanctions Congress has enacted.”

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    Right to Rise PAC Honorary Chairman Gov. Jeb Bush’s Statement on Iran Nuclear Deal

    Right to Rise PAC Honorary Chairman Gov. Jeb Bush issued the following statement regarding today’s announcement about the negotiations in Iran:

    “The reported details of the Iran deal include significant concessions to a nation whose leaders call for death to America and the destruction of Israel. Iran remains a major destabilizing force in the region, working against American interests.

    Today, the Obama administration has agreed to remove U.S. and international sanctions, while permitting Iran to enrich uranium using most of the centrifuges in use today, conduct research into faster, next generation centrifuges, maintain an underground, hardened facility at Fordow, and expand its ballistic missile capabilities. It fails to obtain a guarantee of sufficient inspections. Iran isn’t required to disclose its past weaponization activities and many of the deal’s provisions will expire in the near future.

    These negotiations began, by President Obama’s own admission, as an effort to deny Iran nuclear capabilities, but instead will only legitimize those activities.

    Nothing in the deal described by the administration this afternoon would justify lifting US and international sanctions, which were the product of many years of bipartisan effort.

    I cannot stand behind such a flawed agreement.”