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Videos: Del. Alfonso Lopez’s Kickoff and Arlington County Board Straw Poll


The following videos are from Del. Alfonso Lopez’s 2015 campaign kickoff and straw poll, held at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse earlier this evening. The videos are of Del. Lopez welcoming everyone (including Delegates Marcus Simon and Kathleen Murphy, Senator Adam Ebbin, House of Delegates candidate Rod Hall, and Arlington County Board member Walter Tejada. As soon as I get the straw poll results, I’ll post them.

  • For our Presidential Nominee –

    Clinton – 60%

    Sanders – 29%

    O’Malley – 5%

    Webb – 3%

    Chafee – 2%

    Warren – 1%

    For the Arlington County School Board –

    Reid Goldstein – 61%

    Sharon Dorsey – 39%

    For the Arlington County Board –

    C. Dorsey – 27%

    P. Fallon – 23%

    K. Cristol – 22%

    J. Lander – 15%

    A. Schneider – 12%

    B. Wiljanen – 1%

  • ObserverCollege

    It was pretty nervy for Del. Lopez to go forward with his kickoff once the ten civic associations in North Arlington scheduled their candidates’ night for last night at Resurrection Lutheran on Washington Blvd. Lopez already ginned up his cash for this delegate race when he “ran” for Congress last spring; he didn’t need to suck up a precious evening for this. Particularly when a NON-PARTISAN candidates’ event was happening in North Arlington.

    It’s the same type of insolence one finds in so many things South Arlington. Get something straight, Alfonso: YOU LOST. There will be no streetcar. John Vihstadt is on the County Board. Affordable housing is on the chopping block once Libby and John get their third vote, so that poison pill amendments have a chance of actually passing (I’m talking to you, APAH architect at Columbia Grove).

    But no, in a fit of pique you failed to reschedule your fundraiser, excuse me, “straw poll” once you learned a more important event was happening near Westover to serve ALL residents of civic associations in 22205 and 22207. You know, the people who actually FUND the People’s Republic of Arlington.

    As for the results of your “straw poll”, the results weren’t too terrible when all was said and done. But it caused a lot of pressure for those who have a natural base amongst the Garvey and Vihstadt and Rousselot and “Arlingtonians for Sensible Transit” voters. To have to seek an early speaking slot at Lopez’s event, and then risk offending the base by showing up late at Resurrection Lutheran–that’s not cool. Especially when you already raised your cash last spring!!!