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National and Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines,  political and otherwise, for Thursday, April 30. Also, check out Jon Stewart skewering Wolf Blitzer and other corporate media morons’ coverage of Baltimore.

*Mainstream Media Advance Climate Science Deniers’ Misinformation Campaign Against The Pope

*College students are making global warming a moral issue. Here’s why that scares people. (Keep doing what you’re doing, UMW divestment students and everyone else fighting for a livable planet!)

*The labor roots of Baltimore’s anguish (“The city’s economic woes are to blame.”)

*House Republicans try to gut a key American principle (“In a quest to abolish birthright citizenship, Rep. Steve King and allies called on a bizarre witness.”)

*Hillary Clinton is running against parts of President Clinton’s legacy (Like everything Dick Morris had a hand in, maybe?)

*Bernie Sanders has made it official: He’s running for president

*The Supreme Court Had One Of Its Most Gruesome Debates Today

*Are the Clintons More Transparent Than the Bushes? (“When it comes to their foundations’ donors, Bill and Hillary are more open than George W. Bush or his father.”)

*Right-wing lunatics think the military is planning to invade Texas. Here’s why.

*Va. Supreme Court should open up

*Gov. Terry McAuliffe reached out to Baltimore mayor; says Virginia surveillance bills were rushed

*Dominion questioned about Atlantic Coast Pipeline, other upcoming projects (These are really dumb ideas economically, in addition to violating a fundamental tenet of dealing with global warming: do no further harm!)

*House bill threatens to slash federal funding for Metro (Metro funding needs to be INCREASING, by a lot, not decreasing!)

*Cuccinelli out of office, but not out of politics (The perfect symbol of a Virginia Republican Party gone far off the right-wing rails.)

*State should accept defeat (“A Virginia Beach couple should finally be enjoying retirement after a six-year fight to win fair compensation for land taken by the Virginia Department of Transportation.”)

*Navy considering Newport News Shipbuilding’s future

*Another day in the 70s, only this time with occasional showers


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