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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, April 20.

*“He’s filling the government with Muslims”: Inside New Hampshire’s wacky GOP 2016 cattle call (These John Bircher Society types are disturbing, probably disturbed as well.)

*Karl Rove Misrepresents Abortion Language In Human Trafficking Legislation To Blame Democrats For Lynch’s Stalled Confirmation (“Karl Rove misrepresents” is pretty much the story of his entire career.)

*Can the GOP learn from California? (Doesn’t look like it.)

*Republicans look to lift spending caps (“Republicans are already talking about another big spending deal to ease sequestration and budget caps.” Watch the Teahadists go ape!)

*ISIS Video Appears to Show Executions of Ethiopian Christians in Libya (Utterly evil.)

*Dr. Oz to use show to attack critics who want him booted from faculty position for ‘quack medicine’ (This guy is the worst.)

*Potential 2016 Dem candidate O’Malley: GOP’s prescription for what ails the US economy is ‘bullsh*t’

*Marco Rubio’s latest global warming denial: ‘There has never been a moment climate is not changing’ (And there has never been a moment where Marco Rubio isn’t a knee-jerk, doctrinaire, right-wingnut Teapublican. He also lives in the 1950s or something, the guy’s definitely not mentally living in 2015.)

*McAuliffe says Hillary Clinton’s message will play in Virginia

*Half-measures on ethics in Virginia (I wish they were “half-measures.” As it is, they’re not even 0.0001% measures!)

*GOP ahead in cash race for Va. campaign season (“The combined committees of Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Sen. Ryan McDougle and the Senate Republican Caucus have nearly $2 million on hand. By contrast, the committees of Senate Minority Leader Richard L. Saslaw, Senate Democratic Caucus Chairman Sen. A. Donald McEachin and the Senate Democratic Caucus have about more than $700,000 combined. “)

*Roper: Is Marcellus play too near its peak to justify three huge new pipelines?

*McAuliffe finds himself back in campaign mode for Hillary Clinton (“But this time Virginia’s governor is taking a lower-profile approach than he did for Clinton in previous races.”)

*The D.C. boom is slowing – and people are moving on (Strange article, conflicts with every population projection I’ve seen.)

*Response to Brian’s Schoeneman Hit Piece, by Sully Candidate John Guevara (For anyone who says Democratic primaries are nasty, check this one out by our friendly Republicans!)

*Former Gloucester supervisor Teresa Altemus challenges incumbent Chris Hutson for GOP nomination

*Loudoun sheriff’s race gets ugly (“The apparent embezzlement of seized drug money by a deputy has become an campaign issue.”)

*Late day storms likely in region following a pleasant middle of the day

  • Dem Primary: Clinton 69%, Biden 11%, Sanders 5%, Webb 3%, Chafee 1%, O’Malley 1%

    General Election: Clinton 56%-Bush 39%; Clinton 58%-Christie 39%; Clinton 55%-Rubio 41%; Clinton 58%-Huckabee 37%; Clinton 58%-Paul 39%: Clinton 60%-Carson 36%; Clinton 59%-Walker 37%; Clinton 60%-Cruz 36%

  • Glad to see that the brilliant Charles Pierce of Esquire has figured out about Dave Brat, looong after those of us focused on Virginia politics figured it out: Brat is totally, absolutely, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, bat**** bonkers! Having said that, I’m still glad that Brat beat Eric Cantor, for several reasons: 1) Cantor was really bad AND powerful; 2) Cantor had a ton of money; 3) Cantor could have become Speaker of the House (shudddderrrrr); 4) every time Brat opens his mouth, he makes Republicans look nuts (which they are) and helps Democrats; and 5) if there’s ANY hope of Dems ever winning back that district, we have a lot better chance with Brat in there than Cantor. So…good riddance to Cantor, welcome to the Ayn Rand-worshipping nutjob!  Now, please remind me, why do the good people of the Virginia 7th CD put up with this crap?

    This by way of trying to get out from under a carload of codswallop Brat dumped on his own head regarding the Affordable Care Act. And, of course, it goes without saying that, since 1977, South Korea has provided its citizens with universal health care. There has been some tinkering and some sabotage, but the system remains, and there aren’t many South Koreans clamoring for a system similar to the one the United States had in 2009. It also goes without saying that Dave Brat is several tentacles short of an octopus.

  • That’s right, Scott Walker cozies up to the uttelry insane extremist, Glenn Beck. If that doesn’t eliminate Walker from consideration for president, this country is seriously f’ed.