Home Energy and Environment Cartoon: “Dominion Leaves the Guv Twisting in the Wind”

Cartoon: “Dominion Leaves the Guv Twisting in the Wind”


Below, check out the latest in our series of cartoons, which previously have illustrated how Dominion Power feeds at the taxpayer-funded corporate welfare trough and controls our political system, among other problems with this out-of-control behemoth. The latest cartoon refers to Dominion’s April 23 announcement that it was “putting the brakes on a plan to erect two test wind turbines off the coast of Virginia Beach because the project, as it stands now, is too expensive, according to the company.” Note that Dominion’s announcement came, ironically (?), just a day after Gov. McAuliffe’s Earth Day signing of several clean energy jobs bills. At that signing ceremony, McAuliffe spoke of “the emerging clean energy jobs sector provid[ing] a tremendous opportunity for economic growth and diversification” in Virginia. A great vision, but not one, sadly, that will be achieved if Dominion Power gets its way…


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