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Dave Brat spreading rightwing lie about ISIS camps near Texas


Quoted from RightWingWatch

In an interview last month with conservative radio host Rusty Humphries, Rep. Dave Brat said that the terrorist group ISIS has set up a base in Texas.

Apparently referring to a debunked report from a right-wing group about an ISIS camp near the Texas border, the Virginia Republican told Humphries, “In our country, now it looks like we have an ISIS center in Texas now that’s been reported last week.”

Brat also warned of “2,000 un-vetted people coming across the border from Syria, the home of ISIS.” The U.S. is planning to admit 2,000 refugees from Syria’s civil war this year, who will be screened by the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

“You can’t make up what a terrible problem this is,” he said, “and the political parties are just blind to it because the money, it causes blinders on their eyes. They can’t see reality clearly.”


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