Dem. Party of Virginia Exec. Director Resigns After 1 Year on the Job


    DPVA Executive Director Robert Dempsey has been on the job only since last April, “two months after being fired from a similar post in North Carolina.” Perhaps time for a career change? Heh. Meanwhile, I’ll see what I can find out regarding why he’s leaving and What It Might All Mean (probably nothing good, but who knows…maybe Team Hillary coming in?). Also worth noting: DPVA’s Executive Director prior to Robert Dempsey headed back to Ohio after just 11 months on the job here. As I reported at the time: According to Democratic insiders, Harmon was “treated really badly here,” she was “marginalized,” “not allowed to do anything,” and made promises that “were never kept.” For instance, she “couldn’t even fix a fax machine without permission,” had “no control over her own budget or anything.” Harmon reportedly “felt totally abandoned.”

    Dear Steering & Central Committee Members,

    I wanted you to know I have resigned from my position as Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Chairwoman Susan Swecker has accepted my resignation. To allow for the smoothest transition possible, my resignation will take effect on Tuesday, May 19th. I will continue to perform the duties of Executive Director until that date, but I invite any of you to reach out to me after that period to ensure that succession planning is executed swiftly and efficiently.

    As I pursue a new career opportunity, I remain grateful for the friendships I’ve built across the state and am truly humbled by the graciousness and professionalism extended to me during this past year.

    These are exciting times for Virginia Democrats. Taking back the majority in the General Assembly is absolutely crucial to moving this state forward. However, just as important is the work of making sure we have good candidates stepping up as candidates, serving as elected officials, and leading our party forward in every corner of the state. I have the utmost confidence that Democrats will field the right team to accomplish these goals in 2015 and beyond.

    I would like to thank Chairwoman Swecker for her leadership and dedication to our party. I have no doubt she will put Democrats in the best possible position to win. I would also like to thank former DPVA Chairman, Mayor Dwight Jones for giving me the opportunity to serve as DPVA Executive Director this past year. It has been a great privilege working with such talented and passionate Democrats here in the Commonwealth.

    Please never hesitate to contact me. Starting May 20th, I can be reached at xxx or on my cell phone, I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.

    Thank you,

    Robert Dempsey

    Executive Director


    Also, check out the “flip” for a statement from DPVA Chair Susan Swecker, including a highly questionable comment about Virginia Democrat doing well over the past year (let’s see, we’ve had the Joe Morrissey fiasco; we lost Sen. Puckett’s seat BADLY in August 2014, despite spending nearly $1 million, ergo losing control of the State Senate in the process;  etc.).

    Dear Steering & Central Committee Members:

    Robert and I have been talking for some time and I know you join me in wishing him the best.  He has held this team together during a tough year – one in which Virginia Democrats did well despite a tough national climate.

    Please join me in thanking Robert for his service and dedication to our Party and its candidates. There is a succession plan in place and I will be making an announcement in the coming days.  

    Susan Swecker




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