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Anything Else You Need to Know About the Worst “Democrat” in the Virginia General Assembly?


Del. Johnny Joannou is the worst member of the Virginia General Assembly who actually uses the label “Democrat” by his name. Among other things, as this website points out, Joannou received a 90% score on the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation House of Delegates scorecard for 2014; he voted AGAINST Medicaid expansion (!); he voted to kill a bill to add sexual orientation to Virginia’s hate crime list; and he received an “F” grade from the Sierra Club for 2015. And the latest? The Portsmouth Tea Party is urging its far-right-wing whactivists to “threw (sic) a monkey wrench into the democrats (sic) efforts to oust Johnny Joannou.” Now, can everyone in the 79th district (Norfolk, Portsmouth) PLEASE vote for real Democrat Steve Heretick on Tuesday? Thanks.


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