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If You’re a Virginia Democrat, Who Should You Vote For Tomorrow?


The following list isn’t comprehensive, but here are a few of my picks for tomorrow’s Democratic primaries. Whatever you do, make sure you excercise your precious right as an American citizen to vote! Also, keep in mind that your vote matters a LOT more, relatively speaking, in primaries, and that in most of these cases, the winner of the primary will also win the general election, so tomorrow is actually a much more important election day than in November in many cases.

House District 44 (Mt. Vernon): Paul Krizek. A great guy who will be a superb, progressive delegate replacing Scott Surovell, who is running for State Senate. See Blue Virginia 44th HoD Democratic Candidate Interviews: Paul Krizek for more.

House District 45 (parts of Alexandria and south Arlington): Craig Fifer. See My Pick in the 45th House of Delegates District: Craig Fifer for my thinking on this one.

House District 63 (Parts of Petersburg City, Dinwiddie County, Chesterfield County, Prince George County, Hopewell City): Lashrecse Aird, who I’ve heard great things about from people I respect, and also from people who know Aird and the 63rd district.

House District 74 (Parts of Henrico County, Charles City County, Richmond City): Not excited about any of these candidates, but most definitely NOT  Rev. Leonidas B. “Lee” Young, who is “the personal pastor and close friend of Morrissey, who supports Young’s bid to succeed him.”

House District 79 (Parts of Portsmouth City, Norfolk City): Steve Heretick. A no brainer over the godawful, Tea Party-supported “Democrat” Johnny Joannou.

Senate District 10 (Parts of Chesterfield County, Richmond City and Powhatan County): Emily Francis. See My Pick in the 10th State Senate District: Emily Francis for more on why you should vote for her tomorrow.

Senate District 16 (Parts of Richmond City, Chesterfield County, Petersburg City, Hopewell City, Prince George County, Dinwiddie County): Rosalyn Dance. An easy choice over this guy.

Senate District 29 (Parts of Prince William County, Manassas City, Manassas Park City): Atif Qarni. Click here for some video of Atif and others supporting him.

Arlington County Board: Peter Fallon. See my endorsement of Peter Fallon here (for my second choice, I’m leaning towards Andrew Schneider, but also like Katie Cristol and Christian Dorsey).

Alexandria Mayor: Got me – none of the above?

Mason District (Fairfax County) Supervisor: I haven’t heard a compelling case for booting incumbent Penny Gross out of office.

Mt. Vernon District (Fairfax County) Supervisor: Undecided, but if it really is coming down to either Dan “Anti-Vaxxer Dude” Storck or Tim “Dominion Dude” Sargeant, I’d probably hold my nose very tight and vote for Storck. Ugh.

Potomac Supervisor: Don’t know enough to pick between Andrea Bailey and Derrick Wood for this one.