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National and Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, June 27.

*The Grand Old Party’s future shock (“Friday’s Supreme Court ruling shows Republicans fumbling for answers in an America changing faster than they are.”)

*One Thing the Conservative Dissents Have in Common: Self-Loathing (“Where was all this “five unelected judges” chatter when they handed down Citizens United?”)

*Justices affirm gays’ right to marry (“The court’s 5-to-4 decision marks the culmination of an unprecedented upheaval in public opinion and the nation’s jurisprudence.”)

*Obama’s extraordinary day covers triumph, grief, grace (“He celebrated the morning’s court decision on gay marriage. Hours later, he mourned Charleston’s shooting victims.”)

*The Supreme Court officially catches up with America on gay marriage

*Islamic State says it killed dozens in Kuwait, Tunisia (“The militant group claimed responsibility for attacks that killed more than 60 people, raising fears that a global surge of terror strikes could be imminent.”)

*Look away from the Confederate flag to what Mr. Roof held in his other hand

*Andrew Sullivan: It Is Accomplished

*Hillary Clinton attacks Republicans as ‘party of the past’ (“In a sharp speech to a Virginia crowd, the Democrat jabbed at her rivals repeatedly.”)

*Clinton brings her 2016 presidential campaign to Northern Virginia

*In Virginia, Clinton tells GOP to “move on”

*Virginia advocates for gay marriage hail Supreme Court ruling

*Va. GOP to decide: Convention or primary to choose a 2016 candidate? (Go convention! Also poll tax! LOL)

*Va. GOP makes key 2016 decision Saturday – convention or primary? (“Former Rep. Tom Davis, a Republican who represented Fairfax and Prince William counties in Congress from 1995 to 2008, said that choosing to pick a presidential candidate in a convention ‘would be stupid in several ways.'”)

*Scalia tried to make the court a conservative stronghold. He failed. (“With Obamacare, the Justice’s legislative vision has been dealt a death blow.” I’d argue he’s done a huge amount of damage nonetheless, with cases like Citizens United and Bush v. Gore…)

*Antonin Scalia Dissent In Marriage Equality Case Is Even More Unhinged Than You’d Think (“Unhinged” is definitely the right word for this guy.)

*Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential presidents in American history (Especially given the vitriol and “massive resistance” aimed his way by the right wing in this country!)

*President Obama preaches – and sings – in protest of racism

*Virginia Attorney General Herring Hails SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

*Ken Cuccinelli: Same-Sex Marriage Decision ‘Ripped From The States’ (I’m still amazed and horrified that this guy was ever elected to higher office in Virginia.)

*George Allen evolves – in a big way – on gay marriage (“To say former Virginia governor and U.S. senator George Allen has evolved on gay rights is an understatement. His shift is more revolution than evolution.”)

*Gay marriage ruling draws mixed responses in Hampton Roads, Virginia

*Fairfax School Board approves adding transgender topic to teens’ class

*Scherzer flirts with perfection again as Nationals win seventh straight (This guy is amazing.)

*Periods of heavy rain and storms Saturday, pretty pleasant Sunday


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