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Rep. Don Beyer Statement on SCOTUS EPA Ruling


Personally, I’d characterize this decision as far worse than “disappointing.” Perhaps it’s the diplomat in Don Beyer speaking there, because I suspect he must be highly displeased, just as anyone who cares about protecting our environment should be.

June 29, 2015 (Washington, DC) – Congressman Don Beyer expressed disappointment in the Supreme Court’s decision today in Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency that rolled back Obama Administration environmental regulations for power plants:

“Today’s Supreme Court’s decision in Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency is disappointing.  This ruling undermines President Obama’s work to strengthen public health and the environment by limiting the discharge of hazardous pollutants from power plants,” said Rep. Beyer.  “Our environment is the lasting legacy we will leave to the generations who follow.  I look forward to working with my colleagues and EPA Administrator McCarthy to craft a rule in line with today’s decision that protects the air we breathe.”

UPDATE: David Roberts of Vox says “The Supreme Court’s mercury decision is pointless.” Let’s hope he’s right!


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