Video: Virginia AG Mark Herring Press Conference on SCOTUS Marriage Decision


    The following video is from Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring’s press conference, held a bit earlier this afternoon in Arlington, on the Supreme Court’s historic marriage quality decision. Also in attendance were Laura Herring; Delegates Patrick Hope, Marcus Simon and Rip Sullivan; Arlington County Board member Jay Fisette; Arlington County Clerk of the Court Paul Ferguson; Arlington County School Board member Abby Raphael; Virginia Solicitor General Stuart Raphael; Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos; Arlington Democratic County Board nominees Katie Cristol and Christian Dorsey. AG Herring called today’s decision “truly an historic and extraordinary moment in our nation’s recognition that Americans cannot and will not be denied dignity, rights and responsibilities including those of marriage, simply because of who they love.” Herring added that the work to achieve “equality and a level playing field for every Virginian is not done yet.” See the “flip” for more video, of AG Herring answering a few questions from reporters.

    P.S. Just imagine if arch-reactionary and homophobe Mark Obenshain (R) had been elected AG instead of Mark Herring, how this all might have played out differently, with an AG potentially fighting tooth and nail to maintain anti-LGBT discrimination instead of being the “tip of the spear” in the path to today’s historic Supreme Court ruling. Yes, elections really do matter, as does your vote!


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