“We Need A Third Bush Presidency!” Said No Virginians, Ever


    From DPVA:

    Jeb Bush announced his campaign for President today, but Virginians have already seen more than enough from him. His past two visits to the Commonwealth have already shown Virginia voters his out-of-touch priorities; he's always put himself and people like him over everyday Americans throughout his career.


    Recall that a few weeks ago, Jeb was in Southwest Virginia for a secret closed-door meeting with coal industry megadonors. While the contents of the meeting remain a closely-guarded secret, Jeb probably fit right in with that uber-rich crowd, considering he's spent recent years cashing in on Wall Street and creating a multi-million dollar fund that operates like an offshore tax haven.


    And just last month, Jeb delivered a commencement address at Liberty University defending Indiana-style discrimination laws. But that's not the first time he's sanctioned oppressive social views. His book Profiles in Character reveals a worldview clearly at odds with average Virginians, advocating public shaming of single mothers and deriding public education as welfare. He even recently shared his thoughts on shaming women in the style of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter, which forced unmarried pregnant women to publicly announce their sexual partners before being eligible to put their child up for adoption.

    “We know what to expect from Jeb Bush because we've seen it before —  policies that wreck the economy, giving massive breaks to the wealthy and corporations while leaving the rest of the country behind,” said Morgan Finkelstein, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia. “A third Bush presidency would marginalize so many hard-working Virginians, from single mothers to public school children and LGBT people. Jeb has consistently put himself and people like him over everyday Americans, which Virginia just can't afford.” 


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