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Video: “Pope Francis: The Encyclical”


Great stuff, and so true. I particularly like the villainous fossil fuel dude with the eye patch talking about how “coal, oil and gas” are “god’s given gifts and they are ours for the taking!!!” A bit over the top, you say? Except that the fossil fuel industry and its minions in Congress, like Sen. James Inhofe, actually believe this bull****, and spend huge sums of money to propagate it. Now, it’s time for all of us to fight back, as this is the greatest environmental, economic and moral challenge of our time (or any time?). If we win this, sustainable prosperity awaits. If we lose…don’t even ask.

P.S. This fight includes you, yes YOU, Gov. McAuliffe. Need ideas for what Virginia should be doing? Check out Gov. Brown, Gov. Cuomo, etc., and tell Dominion to take it up with a “higher authority,” so to speak, if they have any complaints. 🙂


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