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15 to 1: Republicans Lose Every Key Fundraising Match-Up


Good news from DPVA:

The latest reporting period fundraising totals show the strength of the Democratic effort this November. In every key Senate matchup, the Democrat outraised the Republican. Democrats have the momentum, support, and infrastructure that sets them up to win in November. 
The Democratic Party of Virginia outraised the Republican Party of Virginia by a factor of 15:1.
In SD06, Senator Lynwood Lewis outraised Richard Ottinger by 2:1.
In SD07, Gary McCollum outraised Frank Wagner by $30,000.
In SD10, Dan Gecker outraised Glen Sturtevant by 2:1.
In SD13, Dr. Jill McCabe outraised Senator Dick Black by 3:1.
In SD21, Senator John Edwards outraised both of his opponents combined.
In SD29, Jeremy McPike outraised Hal Parrish, who spent more than he raised.
“It's no surprise that Democrats' message of growing jobs is resonating across the Commonwealth while Republicans and their top priority of discrimination fell flat.Virginia is ready to have a state Senate that will work with Governor McAuliffe to build a new Virginia economy,” said Susan Swecker, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Virginia.



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