Home Media Video: Another #FAIL by National Political Media in Jim Webb Interview

Video: Another #FAIL by National Political Media in Jim Webb Interview


Typical #FAIL from the national political media: 1) lots of “horse race” and “process” crap; 2) trying to provoke Webb to say negative things about Hillary Clinton via simplistic/idiotic questions (to his credit, Webb didn’t take the bait); 3) trying to get a scoop by asking about the hot-button Confederate flag issue (that one prompted a lengthy answer by Webb about how “complicated” the South was, how most whites didn’t own slaves but were manipulated by wealthy slaveowners, blah blah); and worst of all 4) ZERO questions about the most important issues that will face the next president — climate change, economic inequality and sustainable prosperity, America’s crumbling infrastructure, education, trade, foreign policy (although they did ask about Iran, it’s a question Webb’s answered before so nothing new there), health care, criminal justice reform, racism, guns, etc, etc., etc. So lame; why are these people national political reporters at all if they won’t ask pertinent, important, substantive questions of the people they interview?

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