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Video: Rep. Bob Goodlatte (aka, BADlatte) Attacks Chesapeake Bay Cleanup


Apparently, Rep. Bob BADlatte Goodlatte (R, of course) either didn’t read Raking in donations, shoveling bad policy or didn’t care.

U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s long campaign to inflict damage on both Virginia’s economy and infrastructure is also taking aim at the commonwealth’s environment. Again.

The 6th District representative, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, appears poised to push legislation that would cripple the Environmental Protection Agency’s cleanup efforts in the Chesapeake Bay.

Why would a congressman from Virginia, which surrounds the lower Chesapeake, do such a thing?

Perhaps an explanation can be found in the $2,014,628 Goodlatte has received during his long career in Washington from individuals and organizations connected to agribusiness, according to OpenSecrets.org, the donation-tracking clearinghouse of The Center for Responsive Politics.

In other words, the guy’s a corporate tool and an anti-environmental sociopath. Meanwhile, between his constant attacks on the environment, his obstructionism regarding comprehensive immigration reform, his assault on the Voting Rights Act, and much much more, Bob BADlatteBob Goodlatte is now vying for the lead in the “worst Congresscritter from Virginia” category with Dave Brat, Morgan Griffith, Robert Hurt, Randy Forbes and Barbara Comstock (not saying Scott Rigell or Rob Wittman are good, they’re just not quite as heinous as the ones I listed). Sad to say, but BADlatte’s district is gerrymandered for his incumbency protection, which means unless/until the courts intervene and force Virginia to redraw its Congressional districts, we’re probably stuck with this embarrassment to our state.


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