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Thursday News: Trump Exposes “sickening rot at the core of the GOP”


>Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, August 13. Also, great to see Black Lives Matter activists protesting Jeb Bush, who richly deserves it.

*CNN / ORC Poll: Trump tops in Iowa as Scott Walker drops

*Jimmy Carter says he has cancer that has spread (Sad; Carter has been one of the best, if not THE best, ex-presidents in U.S. history.)

*Why the rise of Trump means death for the Republican Party (Let’s hope.)

*Outsiders take over GOP

*Donald Trump mocks Rand Paul, calls on him to quit presidential race

*The Pentagon Just Realized It Gave Too Much Military Equipment To The Ferguson Police (Ya think?)

*Ted Cruz’s grotesque demagoguery: Planned Parenthood prosecutions, polio and American “values” (“A very confused Ted Cruz says he’ll prosecute Planned Parenthood over its (completely legal) tissue donations”)

*Donald Trump’s biggest crime is his honesty: How he exposes the sickening rot at the core of the GOP (“Republicans has spent decades dressing up fear as courage, pretending at seriousness while advancing hysteria”)

*Why Hillary’s Email Saga Hurts (“It is giving Republicans the perfect opportunity to highlight her least appealing qualities.”)

*Drone industry taking off in Virginia

*Republicans prepare for redistricting session (“It appears unlikely that the process will continue into the next day. Rather, Republicans, who control the House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate, are expected to adjourn after Monday’s hearings and then return the following week or the last day of the month to finish the process by the court-ordered deadline.”)

*Doug Wilder blasts McAuliffe on handling of Supreme Court pick

*Reinvention through ignorance of history (This is one of the dumbest editorials I’ve read in a long time. There’s nothing at all wrong with Democrats changing the name of their annual dinner from a slaveowner and the guy who presided over the genocidal “Trail of Tears.”)

*Local firefighters working for the Navy say manpower shortage has exhausted them

*Fairfax County Candidate Assaulted While Campaigning Drops Charges After Apology

*Arlington, Alexandria residents to consider sharing a pool, fitness center (Sounds like a very smart idea.)

*TSA moving headquarters from Arlington to Alexandria complex

*Richmond mayor calls news conference to outline future for slave-history site

*Dodgers blank Nats for second straight night (This is becoming predictable; when the Nats face great or even excellent pitching, they simply can’t hit.)

*D.C. area forecast: Sun-soaked days through the weekend but humidity slowly seeps back in

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