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Tuesday News Headlines: Virginia “GOP leaders plot to tie Donald Trump’s hands”


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, August 25. Also check out President Obama’s speech at the National Clean Energy Summit in Nevada.

*China is unable to stop stock market plunge (“As markets plunged for the fourth straight day, Chinese authorities stood aside. But many other markets in Asia and Europe showed signs of recovery.”)

*The Stock Market Drop Exposes The Dangers Of Privatizing Social Security

*Obama calls out fossil fuel interests, Koch brothers for fighting solar, clean energy

*Scott Walker falls flat on his face (“This is what happens when you try to trump the Donald.”)

*Walker Calls On Obama To Cancel Chinese President’s Trip Amid Market Woes (Utterly unfit to be president…or anything, really.)

*Scott Walker adds Virginia strategist

*State GOP leaders plot to tie Donald Trump’s hands (That includes Virginia’s Republican Party and its chair, John Whitbeck.)

*Top Democratic fundraisers invited to meet with Joe Biden at Naval Observatory

*Donald Trump Is Not a Populist. He’s the Voice of Aggrieved Privilege.

*Barack Obama calls opponents of Iran deal ‘the crazies’ (Some of them definitely are, but some of them simply won’t agree to anything coming from Barack Obama, whether he cured cancer or stopped a nuclear arms race or whatever.)

*Krugman: A Moveable Glut (“Whatever the precise mix of causes, what’s important now is that policy makers take seriously the possibility, I’d say probability, that excess savings and persistent global weakness is the new normal.”)

*Why Hillary Clinton’s “Emailgate” Is a Fake Scandal (“The real scandal is about journalism and the weak standards employed to manufacture headlines.”)

*Bernie Sanders is wrong about the Koch brothers: They’re even more dangerous than he thinks (“Sanders says his campaign is about a ‘political revolution.’ If so, he’ll have to take his enemies more seriously”)

*Don’t fast-track pipeline process, Kaine says

*Walker to speak at Family Foundation gala

*Brat, Warner respond to stock market plunge (The last person in the world I’d ever listen to on economic issues is supposed “economist” Dave Brat.)

*No prison for McDonnell until chief justice weighs in on bail issue

*Our view: Why Roush should say no and decline reappointment (Hmmmm…not sure I follow this but alrighty.)

*Newspaper: Police fatally shot man in Portsmouth, handcuffed him (Time for criminal charges against the officers who did this, assuming the report is accurate.)

*The crisis in state’s empty classrooms (“FINDING GOOD teachers is never easy. But years of stagnant wages and job insecurity have made it harder than ever to retain and attract talented educators. As The Pilot’s Mike Connors reported Monday, summer break this year winds down with a raft of area and state public classrooms without permanent teachers. School opens just after the Labor Day weekend.”)

*Sigma Nu Fraternity suspends ODU chapter after display of offensive banners

*Mountain Valley Pipeline may use controversial surveying law, judge rules

*Norfolk officer connects police, gay community

*D.C. area forecast: Fantastic through Friday, humidity returns by weekend

  • Interesting, especially given that the Virginia GOP appears determined to stop Trump. Of course, Fredericks also predicted repeatedly that there was no way Republicans would nominate EW Jackson for LG in 2013, but maybe he’ll be right this time…would be hilarious if he is! 😉 By the way, I agree that Trump’s not exactly analagous to George Wallace; I’d say Trump’s more like Italy’s corrupt, slimeball, right-wing demoagogue and buffoon Silvio Berlusconi.

    May we cut the gibberish?

    I have predicted this since May: Donald Trump will be the 2016 GOP Presidential nominee.

    Those in denial of this movement are perhaps blinded by their bias for another candidate. The Trump enthusiasm is real, its building across the country and its genuine. Trump is a dealer in hope.

    Politico is a Left wing funded rag weed that ran 47 consecutive negative articles on Herman Cain in 20111 to get him out of the race. Their tried and true methodology: spook donors, funds dry up, candidate withdraws. This is simply not the case with Donald Trump. Silly pieces like the one you referenced by discredited hacks like Ben Schreckinger only backfire, as Trump supporters dig in. How many Trump supporters troll the Internet all day on their IPads reading Politico? Rather, they are working – or looking for work — and trying to figure out how to get through August and maybe take their kids to a movie on Saturday night.

    Trump’s surge is driven by passion for a great America, opposition to immigration policies that favor people from other countries over US citizens, Trade deals that harm the American worker, frustration with the political class, and a rejection of the elite media, the globalists, the slave traders, the Tarpists, The Chamber Puppets and the bankseters who have robbed and fleeced the middle class.

    The Trump movement has no similarity to George C. Wallace in 1968. Wallace wanted to “send a message.” Trump wants to “Make America Great Again.” Wallace had no chance to win. Trump is within 6 points of Hillary Clinton.

    The Trump campaign of ’16 more resembles Reagan of ’76: 40 years later. Everyone has a right to an opinion. But you can’t make up stuff and pass it off as facts if you want to be credible.

    The Grandest of Ironies: Team Trump is using the very nominating rule changes Mitt Romney’s gutless lawyers jammed through over the objections of the grass roots in Tampa at the RNC convention to make it virtually impossible for an insurgent challenger to beat the establishment. Early primaries, controlled debates, condensed nominating process, etc. Trump is beating them over the head at their own feckless game. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • What a trio: Jackson, Cruz, “Ghomert” (should be spelled “Gohmert,” but whatever…just keep ranting and raving, guys!)

  • I’m definitely interested in hearing more about this, including how exactly it would not require any public funding (not sure why we wouldn’t want public funding, but that’s another discussion…).

  • Definitely one of my favorite albums ever. For one take on it see Born to Run and the Decline of the American Dream. Also check out the video of Springsteen at the Hammersmith Odeon in London in 1975…amazing concert. BROOOOCE! 🙂

  • Seriously?!?

  • True Blue

    There’s more Dmitri Kesari stories in Loudoun Times Mirror today and on MSNBC this weekend, although none of the VA conservative blogs mention it.  

    Informative article: “Two Grand Juries Continuing Probe Into 2012 Iowa Payola Scandal” by Russ Choma, opensecrets.org 9-4-14

  • Wow.

    John Fredericks Radio Show

    7:45 PM EDT

    This is why the Republican Party of Virginia is both financially and intellectually bankrupt:  

    1. My listeners on my morning radio show went berserk over this today and deluged the RPV office with calls. Its outrageous.  

    2. I refuse to sign any of the RPV’s stupid pledges so go ahead and throw me and my wife out of the party, too. I guess after losing 5 statewide elections you’ve got plenty of expendable voters around. Trump shouldn’t sign any pledges either.  

    3. This is a disingenuous sinister plot to deny Trump ballot access on a flimsy procedure and a direct affront to his supporters, driven by a handful of visionless Central Committee members who prefer another candidate.  

    4. Trump is the GOP frontrunner – new polls show his support surging- do these people live under a rock?

    5. There are 83 Central Committee members. That means 42 Republicans in Virginia who have another favorite candidate can deny the current frontrunner ballot access in Virginia and both alienate his supporters and undecided voters. Great way to build the Party!  

    6. When has an open primary run by the state of Virginia required a pledge and what part of Virginia code provides for this?

    7. If this vote goes down to deny Trump ballot access, all hell will break loose. And for what purpose?  

    This is insane. Don’t like Trump? Beat him on March 1. The old fashioned way: with real votes, not tricks. You want to know why his supporters are fervent? Look no further than these shenanigans. The gig is up.  

    John Fredericks, Radio Talk Show Host, Virginia