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Video: Why Did Joe Biden Return to D.C. Specifically to Meet With Elizabeth Warren?


Verrry interesting. So, just for fun (if you’re a political junkie and don’t have a life) on a Saturday night, here are two scenarios I was discussing earlier this evening with a Virginia Democratic political operative regarding what Biden and Warren might have discussed: 1) Biden was meeting with Warren to get a feel for what she might do if he ran for President (e.g., endorse him? run herself?); 2) the two of them talked about running as some sort of “ticket,” in which Biden would pledge – as he reportedly has considered – to serve only one term, meaning that VP Elizabeth Warren would be the heir apparent for 2020. What’s more likely, that Warren would endorse Biden if he ran, would take that as an opportunity to throw her own hat in the ring, would team up with Biden for a de facto “ticket” (and if so, what percent of Sanders supporters – many of whom originally were Warren supporters – would defect to Biden/Warren?), or none of the above? Also check out the analysis of CNN’s Jeff Zeleny in the following video (note: Zeleny specifically discounts the “ticket” idea). Ah, political intrigue…


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