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Sunday News: “Virginia Way” a “euphemism for corruption”; Trump Takes on Pope Francis


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, August 23. As for Donald Trump, just remember that he’s not an aberration, he personifies the Republican “base” – its anxieties, fears, hatreds, etc. – to a “t” (as in “Trump”).

*‘White power!’: Trump’s Alabama ‘pep rally’ brings out folks who want to shoot ‘illegals’ at the border (Yes, this is today’s Republican Party…”Party of Lincon” long dead and buried.)

*Photos: The Worst People In America Gather For Donald Trump Rally (“The rally descended into brain-numbing stupidity faster than you can scream ‘white power.’)

*Donald Trump, Alabama and the ghost of George Wallace (“The South rises for Trump, but only 20,000 of them.”)

*CNN Report: Joe Biden Meets Privately With Elizabeth Warren In DC

*Biden, Warren huddle amid 2016 speculation

*The courage of Jimmy Carter

*Kentucky GOP greenlights joint Senate, presidential run for Rand Paul

*Brent Scowcroft: The Iran deal: An epochal moment that Congress shouldn’t squander

*Joe Lieberman’s new betrayal: The transparent cynicism in his Iran warmongering (“The progressive reformer I met in the ’70s has morphed into a self-righteous fearmongerer” Very sad; what happened to this guy?!?)

*Not Just Anti-Hispanic (“The GOP could be angering Asian voters with its latest nativist turn and dooming itself to a repeat of 2012.”)

*Analysts see little electoral bounce from special session (“This election is going to be about the base for both sides”)

*The political mess Richmond has made (Some good points, but also “both sides” false equivalency drivel. Sigh.)

*Schapiro: 50 years ago, VMI valedictorian in 1961 was gunned down in Alabama

*Pay gap widens between VRS, other state workers

*Thomas: ‘The Virginia Way’ is a euphemism for corruption (So true!)

*Editorial: Virginia needs merit selection of judges (Fortunately, in this case, Judge Roush has a great deal of merit.)

*Is Virginia trying to turn the carpool lane into a ‘cash cow’?

*Pulaski scrambles to explain dumping of raw sewage

*Giant Panda At National Zoo Gives Birth To Two Live Cubs (That’s great, but what we really need to be doing is protecting pandas and every other species in the wild.)

*Nationals get boost from struggling veterans in win against Brewers

*D.C. area forecast: Superb Sunday with more splendid weather to come


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