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Wednesday News: Far-Right Extremist Party of Trump, Brat, etc.; Virginia GOP Throws Hissy Fit


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, August 19. Also, check out the hysteria, hyperbole, hyperventilating, horrible grammar, etc. from the Northern Virginia Tea Party. LOL

*The GOP’s deeply flawed field (“… these ‘plausible’ Republican candidates hold views that are dramatically at odds with interests and values of the vast majority of Americans.”)

*Did Republicans just give away the 2016 election by raising birthright citizenship?

*An American Putin? (“Trump bears similarities to Russia’s leader.” Yep, and also Silvio Berlusconi.)

*Donald Trump is tearing conservative media apart: How his candidacy sparked a right-wing civil war

*Behind Trump’s assault on birthright citizenship: The far right’s dream of rolling back the Constitution, and reshaping America (“Trump’s new plan aligns the GOP rebel with the Ann Coulter loony fringe, who long to roll back 150 years of history”)

*How The EPA Plans To Cut Methane Emissions From Oil And Gas Wells

*Vox’s Amazon fail, explained: Why Ezra Klein needs to stop telling white-collar workers to check their privilege

*Conservatives double down on pro-life extremism

*Rubio hits kid with football, becomes meme (We already had the “thirsty” meme for Rubio…)

*How Bernie Sanders makes his mega-rallies (“Bernie’s campaign has been channeling grassroots enthusiasm into massive rallies. Now, it’s working to whip all those supporters into a sophisticated political machine.”)

*Kaine, Gilmore slam Trump for push to repeal birthright citizenship (“Kaine tells reporters ‘The notion that we want to go back and do it like back in the Dred Scott days, I frankly can’t believe it,’ while Gilmore uses Twitter to denounce Trump and other GOP presidential candidates.”)

*Brat warns Iran deal could one day lead to nuclear strike against U.S. (Dave Brat, hysterical fearmongering as usual.)

*Repeated bungling in Richmond (“Republicans’ lack of seriousness about redrawing congressional districts that serve the public’s interest, rather than their own party’s, was evident from the start of Monday’s special legislative session.”)

*Combative General Assembly session hints at fights to come (“Following Monday’s contentious General Assembly session, the appearance of cooperation ended.”)

*Virginia House and Senate spar over adjournment, Supreme Court judge

*Republicans insist General Assembly is in session, despite Democrats

*Schapiro: Virginia’s partisan-in-chief seizes high ground (I stopped reading when I got to “Gerrymandering dumbs down legislative bodies and awards disproportionate influence to the extremes of both parties.” That’s bull****; name the Democratic equivalents in the General Assembly to Dick Black, Bob Marshall, and the dozens of other far-right-wing extremists on the Republican side, not to mention the Republicans completely owned and operated by corporations, like Speaker Bill “ALEC” Howell.)

*Warner Talks Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Other Topics

*Mobile home residents file federal lawsuit alleging Richmond is violating Latinos’ civil rights

*Dozens gather in Charlottesville to show opposition to Atlantic Coast Pipeline

*Officer who killed John Geer grew up not far from him in Springfield

*It took 2 years for charges in Geer’s death. That could be the easy part.

*Finally, a former officer is indicted in the shooting of John Geer

*After sprawl threatened relocation, plan to keep Oceana a success

*Gecker praises Watkins; Sturtevant says politics should play no part in selecting judges

*Reshuffled lineup helps Nats end skid

*D.C. area forecast: Muggy with occasional showers and storms through tomorrow


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