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Can Someone Please Make a Video Like This for Virginia?


Great job demonstrating how easy it is to misrepresent using video, as was done against Planned Parenthood by an extreme anti-abortion group. Now can we get a video like this made for Virginia? I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to take Virginia Republicans’ words out of context in similar fashion, just like the folks at Majority Ohio did…

  • True Blue

    Worthy of sharing.    

  • Dave Webster

    A video which is doctored to make it appear speakers said something they didn’t is obviously different from a video which merely pares down over an hour of conversation, especially when the full video is made available for viewing.

    Lowell, you have stated the videos concerning Planned Parenthood show no wrongdoing.  This assertion is obviously false.  Both Dr. Nucatola and Dr. Gatter discuss altering abortion procedures to procure certain pre-requested fetal organs intact.  This is a violation of the National Institutes of Health Revitilization Act of 1993, 42 USC Sec. 498A(c)(2)(A)(ii) which reads “no alteration of the timing, method, or procedures used to terminate the pregnancy [may be] made solely for the purposes of obtaining the tissue.”  Dr. Nucatola goes so far as to say that she will invert a fetus in the womb from a head first to a feet first position prior to extraction if one of Planned Parenthood’s partners needs a calivarium, or head.  

    This practice is medically unethical says New York University bioethicist Art Caplan: “Altering procedures in order to get tissue in the best condition would be a big no-no,because the patient’s health is paramount and that should be the only concern for doctors.”

    On top of that, Dr. Nucatola highly praises StemExpress, LLC which works with Planned Parenthood.  StemExpress IS violating federal law by selling fetal liver tissues it procures from Planned Parenthood for up to $23,000.00.  Just take a look at its website.  www.stemexpress.com.  Dr. Nucatola’s close association with StemExpress’s illegal activities indicate aiding and abetting liability might be in order.

    Last but not least, StemExpress technicians were on-site to collect the fetal tissues.  There were no storage or transportation costs which leads one to the question of what Planned Parenthood was charging for.