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Wednesday News: Generals Support Iran Deal, Fox Makes Up with Trump, McDonnell Loses Appeal


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, August 12. Also, check out top Virginia GOP donor Pat Robertson urging that a concerned grandmother try to get her grandson into a Christian school and away from his atheist father. Alrighty…

*Retired generals, admirals back Iran nuclear deal (So far, retired military people back the deal, as do nuclear scientists and many other experts. Opposing it are mostly Republican hard liners. Who would you trust?)

*How Roger Ailes Picked Trump, and Fox News’ Audience, Over Megyn Kelly (“Fox News chairman Roger Ailes has found himself caught between Donald Trump, who has the full backing of Fox’s misogynist audience, and Megyn Kelly, the star anchor whom Ailes has nurtured and sees as the key to reaching younger viewers.”)

*Hillary Clinton agrees to provide private e-mail server to FBI

*Jeb Bush’s attack on Hillary Clinton could backfire (“Jeb’s bid to blame Hillary for the rise of the Islamic State is fraught with peril.” It’s also complete horse****.)

*China Weakens Its Currency Further

*Democrats target Va. as they push to break down voting restrictions

*WATCH: British reporter in Ferguson finds whites openly carrying rifles and peaceful blacks being arrested

*Hillary Clinton meets with Black Lives Matter protesters

*Jeb’s Iraq revisionism: His idiot brother wrecked the place, but it’s all Obama’s fault (Kinda like Republicans wrecked the economy and Democrats saved it but somehow it’s all Democrats’ fault.)

*Obama’s Iran deal continues to look safe, despite opposition

*Jim Gilmore might not make cut for CNN debate (You mean with his whopping ZERO percent in the polls? LOL)

*Fight over climate change policy comes to Va. as House Republicans dig in (Disgraceful.)

*Va. GOP leaders say they are sticking with Supreme Court pick

*A look at redistricting when protecting incumbents isn’t job No. 1

*On the road again: Va. Gov. McAuliffe is Texas bound

*Release the ABC investigation

*U.S. Rep. Scott says voting is key to ensuring good policing

*Former Gov. Bob McDonnell to appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

*Fairfax Co. Releases Decade Worth of Police Shooting Details

*State BOE punts on voter registration form changes (“The state Board of Elections will go back to the drawing board on its plan to rework voter registration forms after a conservative uprising, and concerns from local registrars, over once-proposed changes.”)

*Taxpayer costs mount in Virginia voting lawsuits

*Rambo: Clean power plan can mean smarter energy decisions for Virginia

*For second year in a row, test scores soar at low-income Arlington school

*Dodgers stymie the Nationals, 3-0 (Seems like every time they face a top-notch pitcher, their hitting dries up.)

*D.C. area forecast: Lots of sunshine and lower humidity throughout the next few days

  • Quizzical

    I saw parts of this speech last night.  I will say this: concerning his delivery of this speech, it was the best I have ever seen Jeb. So he is obviously working hard at being a better candidate.

    My reaction to the speech was that like most Republican speeches about foreign affairs, it was all criticism, and no ideas or solutions. To me, what that boils down to is a complaint that the U.S. hasn’t been controlling the rest of the world — to which the obvious retort is that we can’t control the rest of the world.  Maybe we could immediately after WWII, but that didn’t last long.

    Jeb eloquently praised Ronald Reagan for “bringing peace”, even though Ronnie never got a Nobel Peace Prize for it.  I was thinking, wait a minute, did Reagan bring peace?  I’m not that great a historian, but eventually a few words began to float up, like Beirut, Grenada, Nicaragua, the Contras, the Iran-Iraq war, Libya.  I guess Beirut was officially a peace-keeping mission, but it did involve shelling by the battleship USS New Jersey.

    Back to Jeb’s speech, as he summarized atrocities meted out to Christians in country after country, it sounded to me like Jeb was calling for a religious crusade, although he was careful not to use the crusade word.  When he got to Iraq, according to Jeb’s history, all was glorious in Iraq all due to the genius and sacrifice of the “surge”, until Obama ruined everything with his “blind haste” to get out of the country.

    I seem to recall the Iraqis being rather insistent that we leave the country as per the agreement negotiated by George W. Bush.  

    As for ISIS/ISIL, after blaming Obama for that, Jeb’s solution is to increase the intensity of air strikes and to insert a small number of forward air controllers.

    First of all, let’s review what we’ve done concerning ISIL over the past year.  The Defense Department conveniently provided a summary on the anniversary of one year after commencement of “kinetic operations.”  Here it is:


    As of July 31, 2015, the total cost of operations related to ISIL since kinetic operations started on Aug. 8, 2014, is $3.5 billion and the average daily cost is $9.8 million for 357 days of operations.

    Some 10,684 targets have been destroyed, including 119 tanks and 340 HMMWV’s. Oh, weak, passive, pathetic Obama! No WONDER the world is falling to pieces, we are not bombing enough.

    As for Jeb’s idea of using forward air controllers, as he was saying that I was thinking, why does he think there are no forward air controllers in Iraq now?  Their presence would hardly be advertised.  They might be British or Australian SAS, but I’m pretty sure there are FAC’s in Iraq.