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Advocates for Women Outraged At Dick Black’s Sexist Attack on Dr. Jill McCabe


From ProgressVA:

Advocates for women and families today expressed their outrage at State Senator Dick Black’s blatantly sexist attack on Dr. Jill McCabe, his opponent in the general election for Senate District 13. Yesterday evening, Black posted an offensively sexist image on Twitter, insinuating Dr. McCabe is unqualified to serve in the General Assembly as merely a physician and mother. It has since been deleted. A copy of the image is below. Beyond Black’s deliberate misrepresentation of Dr. McCabe extensive and impressive resume, the image suggests Black doesn’t believe an intelligent woman who works full-time while raising a family is qualified to serve in the General Assembly.

“Dick Black insults working mothers everywhere with his sexist belittling of Dr. McCabe’s career and accomplishments,” said Anna Scholl, executive director of ProgressVA and a co-founder of the Virginia Women’s Equality Coalition. “As a working mother, I can attest to the hard work involved in raising a family while working full time. For all of Dick Black’s “experience,” he obviously hasn’t learned to respect women.” 

“With this image, Dick Black is once again demonstrating his utter lack of respect for Virginia's women,” said Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. “It’s the height of hypocrisy that, while Black has spent his entire career in office attempting to interfere in women's most personal, private decisions – including attempting to tell women whether and when they should become mothers –  apparently being a working mother, putting food on the table, raising children, and excelling professionally is simply not qualified enough. I'll tell you something Dick Black: when it comes to leading our communities and making our own decisions, women are far more qualified than you will ever be. You owe Jill McCabe, women, and mothers everywhere a sincere and immediate apology.” 

“In a single tweet, Dick Black makes the best case yet why he's the wrong choice for Virginia's 13th Senate District.,” said Cianti Stewart Reid, executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia. “It's not just about experience, it's about leadership — and it's clear the Commonwealth needs new leadership to tackle the critical issues facing families today. As an emergency pediatrician and mother, Jill McCabe has spent her life putting the needs of others ahead of her own — and she has a vision for creating jobs, improving education, and addressing transportation and infrastructure on our busy roadways. We think that's the kind of leader Virginia needs, and we expect voters will agree when they hit the polls on November 3.”

“His blatant sexist ad clearly means Dick Black is scared” added Amy Laufer, co-founder of Women Leaders of Virginia, a PAC that supports electing women to state office. “He should be scared. His voting record is an embarrassment and a disgrace. As a physician Dr. Jill Mc Cabe is more in tune with constituents needs and will better represent them. Watch your back Dick Black. “ 

This isn’t the first time Black’s comments on women and families have gotten him into hot water. Black infamously asserted on the floor of the legislature that spousal rape couldn’t be a real thing because “sometimes she’s in a nightie.” He’s also called birth control “baby pesticide” and declared gay and lesbian parents are prone to domestic violence. 



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