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Friday News: “GOP debate’s terrifying alternate reality;” VA Pulls Absurd Health Clinic Regs


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, September 18.

*The Planet Set Three Major Heat Records In August (Can we finally stop talking about stupid s*** like offshore oil drilling and an “all-of-the-above” strategy?!?)

*Republicans go from embracing junk science to junk policy on climate change (This party is a national disgrace.)

*The wreckage of the summer of Trump (“Trump’s defeat is now a matter of Republican survival…The summer of Trump has been a season of toxicity, ugliness and racially charged resentment.”

*Sorry, Republicans: It’s still Donald Trump’s world (“And sorry, Donald, but now you have to share it with Ben Carson.”)

*GOP candidates spout irresponsible rhetoric on Planned Parenthood

*Man Asks Trump: ‘When Can We Get Rid’ Of All The Muslims In America? His Answer Was Horrifying.

*No Jeb, Your Brother Did Not Keep Us ‘Safe’

*Scott Walker gasps for air: His Iowa Hail Mary shows a campaign in disarray (“With his number crashing and his donors grumbling, Scott Walker is focusing all his efforts on Iowa” What about his pal Mark Obenshain in Virginia, can’t he help? LOL)

*The GOP’s debate’s terrifying alternate reality: Inside the political delusions of a party on the edge (“One of the 15 people on stage Wednesday will represent one of the two major parties next year. That’s terrifying.” So true, yet the brain-dead corporate media mostly reports it as a “who’s up, who’s down” soap opera. #JOURNALISMFAIL)

*McAuliffe allocates $6 million to school security funding (“New systems include monitoring systems, classroom locks, metal detectors”)

*Maureen McDonnell Makes Written Arguments for Appeal

*Another Eye on Predatory lenders (“Attorney General Mark Herring is reorganizing his office’s Consumer Protection division to bolster its focus on predatory lending. The move, long overdue and desperately needed, is part of a broader effort to protect Virginians from usurious businesses flourishing across the commonwealth with state lawmakers’ support.”)

*Execution details shielded in Virginia (“A state Supreme Court ruling keeps manuals out of the public eye.” Bizarre.)

*Virginia Board of Health rolls back strict abortion clinic regulations (“The move is a victory for the governor and abortion rights activists who said the rules were politically motivated.”)

*Virginia’s GOP male lawmakers are gifted at antagonizing women. And they’re at it again. (“According to Sen. Janet D. Howell (D-Fairfax), the Republicans going after Roush are being complete jerks.”)

*UVa to ask the state for $140M more in funding

*Fairfax leaders grapple with shutdown, sequestration uncertainty and economic impacts (Video)

*Sen. John Edwards surges in campaign fundraising in 21st District

*2nd Democrat announces bid to challenge Rep. Robert Hurt (“Jane Dittmar, the chairwoman of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, joins Ericke Cage of Halifax County in seeking the Democratic nomination. Cage served as an adviser to former 5th District Rep. Tom Perriello.”)

*Va. school board chairwoman under fire for anti-Muslim post (Based not just on this but also on other stuff she’s posted on her Facebook page, Christie New Craig definitely shouldn’t be on the school board.)

*TV ads hit 21st District Senate race

*Mountain Valley Pipeline files lawsuits to gain access to land in Franklin County

*D.C. area forecast: Moving from warm to warmer into Saturday, then cooler on Sunday


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