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“JEB” Bush Tweet that Dubya “Kept Us Safe” Further Proof of His Utter Cluelessness


Yeah, so according to “the smart Bush” (that would be “JEB”), his Village Idiot brother Dubya “kept us safe.” Evidence, according to “JEB”? Dubya with a megaphone at the smouldering rubble of the World Trade Center after 9/11. Makes sense, except for several problems, like “logic” for one.

1. There were warnings prior to 9/11, including the infamous August 6, 2001 presidential daily briefing entitled “Bin Laden determined to strike in US”; and also repeated warnings by outgoing Clinton administration officials to incoming Bush administration officials “in late 2000 that Al Qaeda posed the worst security threat facing the nation.” Yet, according to the Clinton administration officials, “the new administration was slow to act” on their warnings, not to mention on that August 6, 2001 memo. Regardless of how much blame should go to the Bush administration for not stopping the 9/11 attacks, the bottom line is that the Bush administration most certainly did NOT “keep us safe” leading up to 9/11. That’s just ridiculous.

2. The Bush administration then managed to take their eye of the ball – Al Qaeda and the Taliban – letting many of them escape, while instead gearing up for an invasion of Iraq.

3. Speaking of Iraq, how on earth did that war – and particularly the botched aftermath of the Ba’ath regime’s overthrow – end up keeping us safe?  As far as I can determine, it led to instability in Iraq, including the rise of Sunni extremists like ISIL; strengthened Iran in the region (as Jim Webb and others predicted would happen); etc. How did any of that keep us safe?

4. Also not sure how the Bush administration’s horrendously, borderline criminally negligent preparation for/response to Hurricane Katrina “kept us safe.”

5. Also not sure how the Bush administration “kept us safe” by doing nothing while Iran increased its nuclear centrifuges from ZERO to 5,000 (!) on their watch.

6. Also not sure how the Bush administration “kept us safe” by completely failing vis-a-vis North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

7. Also not sure how the Bush administration “kept us safe” by ignoring the existential threat posed by climate change, and instead doubling down on fossil fuels.

8. Also not sure how the Bush administration “kept us safe” in the housing bubble leading up to the 2008 economic collapse.

We could go on all day with this, but the bottom line is that the Dubya/Cheney administration didn’t in any way/shape/form keep us safe. Except in the “smart Bush”‘s strange mind.


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