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On Call with E.W. Jackson, KY Clerk Casey Davis, “Sideshow Bob” Rants about “Sodomy Marriage”


Just a few  minutes ago, on a conference call with 2013 VA GOP Lt. Governor nominee E.W. Jackson and Kentucky Clerk Casey Davis (no relation to Kim Davis, other than in his belief that he has the right to violate the law of the land because of his personal religious views), Virginia Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (R) weighed in with some of his patented brand o’ bigotry. First, in the audio on the left, Del. Marshall calls in around 1:22 with some advice:

1) “make up maps to the nearest federal courts and say, look, I don’t think the federal courts have this authority…but if the federal courts are taking the jurisdiction of marriage to themselves, they need to issue the marriage licenses;”

2) “then ask the further question, if in fact an elected public official can be put in jail because they’re not doing what one Supreme Court Justice said – and doesn’t cite any history of the 14th amendment – can all the legislators be put in jail in KY who do not support or vote for actions that facilitate sodomy marriage;”

3) “ask the teachers, will they now lose their license unless they support sodomy sex-ed”;

4) “you’ve got to go to a wider audience to threaten more people…now these courts are threatening every legislator in Kentucky;”

5) “you need to ask Sen. Rand Paul, will you put an amendment on any appropriations bill funding the Department of Justice or the federal courts to prohibit them from using any money to incarcerate such clerks [as Kim Davis] or to implement Obergefell…this is just like a Hyde Amendment protecting marriage and Christians.”

In general, the fundamental flaw of Casey Davis’, E.W. Jackson’s, Kim Davis’ and Bob Marshall’s thinking here is that they don’t understand that we don’t live in a theocracy, but in a secular republic based on the rule of law, separation of church and state, and the U.S. constitution. In Kim Davis’ case, she swore an oath to uphold that constitution, and her contempt of the law of the land – as confirmed by the Supreme Court – that gays have the right to marriage equality in this country, is what the issue is, not her private religious faith (which nobody is in any way/shape/form threatening). The bottom line is that Kim Davis decided – nobody forced her – to become a public official, and as such she is not allowed to simply pick and choose which citizens are entitled to their rights as U.S. citizens. Is that really so difficult to understand? I’d also ask whether people supporting Davis would also support another deeply religious person – a pacificistic Quaker, let’s say – who in their official capacity refused to issue a gun license, or to serve someone in the military?!? Nope, of course not.

P.S. E.W. Jackson calls Marshall “a hero to many of us,” which kind of says it all right there.

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