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Saturday News: “Lawbreaker Kim Davis and Lawless Ted Cruz”; GOP’s “poisonous cocktail”


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, September 5. Also see President Obama talking about Labor Day “by highlighting the economic progress our country has made, and underlining what needs to be done to continue that growth.” Obama also correctly credits the labor movement with much of the progress working people in this country made over the last century or so (which is why the assault on unions and workers’ power in general is so damaging).

*Lawbreaker Kim Davis and the lawless Ted Cruz (“Cruz, who took an oath of office to ‘support and defend the Constitution,’ wants people to defy the Supreme Court’s authority? Who is the lawless one?” Cruz is a dangerous demagogue.)

*The Republican Party’s secret sauce: A poisonous cocktail of nationalism, libertarianism & theocracy (“Pundits have called Trump a populist hero. But the truth of his appeal lies at the core of the GOP philosophy”)

*Hungary’s prime minister becomes Europe’s Donald Trump (Both bigots, nativists, and essentially fascists.)

*Dick Cheney’s savage revisionist history: inside his disturbing campaign to twist the facts of Iraq (“Dick Cheney is no stranger to defending the indefensible. But lately he’s been even more aggressive than usual”)

*After run-in with protester, Trump’s guards draw scrutiny

*Ben Carson’s collision course with Donald Trump (“From one outsider to another, Trump is telegraphing that soon he might have to throw punches at Carson.” That should be entertaining.)

*Clintons personally paid State Dept. staffer to maintain private e-mail server

*Insiders: Scott Walker the biggest loser of the summer (Great pick by Mark Obenshain! LOL)

*The collateral damage from the Iran nuclear deal (“This public battle over the Iran deal is putting a strain on relationships not just among Israel’s supporters in the United States but also between the two governments.”)

*Donald Trump’s tower of babble (“This is classic Trump. He sees his opponent’s positive and converts it to a negative.”)

*Tim Kaine and Gov. McAuliffe Speak Out Against Upcoming Sequestration

*Was Mark Herring move best for Virginia Democrats in 2017? (“The challenge for Northam over the next 18 months will be figuring out how to marshal the limited resources of a part-time public office to boost his profile as the Republican Party pours money into the likes of Ed Gillespie, Mark Obenshain or Ken Cuccinelli.”)

*Pipeline & Property Rights: Where do the Senate candidates stand? (“Senate candidate Nancy Dye said this week she takes no position on the contentious Mountain Valley Pipeline project.” No position?)

*Crouse-Mays: An economy that works for all of us (“Doris Crouse-Mays Crouse-Mays is president of the Virginia AFL-CIO”)

*Does Metro need a full overhaul?

*Lawmaker who commuted to Capitol from jail suspends campaign for now (“Va. Senate hopeful Joe Morrissey has a paralyzed diaphragm – but he has bounced back from worse.”)

*Teenager dies in Sterling shooting; search for suspect continues

*It’s a Taylor-made walk-off for the Nats (“Manager Matt Williams presses the right buttons as Washington pulls within five games of the NL East-leading Mets thanks to Michael A. Taylor’s game-winning three-run home run.”)

*D.C. area forecast: A mix of clouds and sun throughout a cooler weekend, then heat returnsf


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