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Saturday News: “The crazies have taken over” the GOP; Why Pope Francis Scares Them So Much


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, September 26. Also see President Obama’s weekly address, on “the importance of preventing and treating substance use disorders.”

*Peter King: Boehner exit means ‘the crazies have taken over the party’ (“I think whoever runs for speaker should make it clear that he’s not going to give in to these people…The time for appeasement is over.”)

*Pope Francis is scaring the hell out of conservatives. Here’s the real reason why (“The answer is actually simple: The reality of climate change demonstrates that progressives are right and they are wrong. Not just wrong about the effect of human activity on the environment, but wrong about their basic approach to the problems of the modern world.”)

*Resignation clears path for GOP to avert shutdown

*Boehner didn’t have a prayer (“…for most of his speakership, he could not be that leader, because his caucus constantly tugged him toward extremism and implacability. He kept his title, but he lost any ability to lead. Finally, he had enough.”)

*U.S., China reach agreement on cyber economic espionage

*Pope Francis’s implicit rebuke of the GOP

*Boehner’s tenure defined by missed chances and internal revolts

*Mr. Boehner’s resignation is a political cop-out (“… a speaker’s primary responsibility is to the nation, not the House. And what the nation needs is a Congress willing to make compromises in the national interest – compromises that Mr. Boehner may have favored but rarely had the stomach to promote.” Bingo.)

*Carly Fiorina’s bogus ‘secretary to CEO’ career trajectory (She’s just totally full of it on everything. No wonder right wingnuts like her.)

*The GOP civil war infects 2016 (“The internal struggle that helped doom Boehner now bleeds into the presidential race.” Now? It’s been doing that a looong time.)

*The Revolution Devours Its Own (“John Boehner was brought down by the same conservative forces he once courted.” Yep, the Tea Party monster devoured him.)

*John Boehner was really bad at his job. Now things are about to get epically worse (“The right was never controllable. Boehner’s enduring shame will be having not reached across the aisle to govern.” Yep.)

*Kaine: Pope helped Boehner step down (“Kaine, like Boehner a devout Catholic, said he thought the Republican leader ‘reached a feeling of peace about his own time in public life’ after the pope’s congressional address on Thursday.”)

*Virginia lawmakers react to Boehner’s resignation

*Gov. McAuliffe pulls out of Gary McCollum campaign event to attend funeral (“When The Pilot inquired Friday about attending today’s event, Ritner said it would be closed to the media. The Beach Democrats’ email earlier in the day made no mention of such restrictions.”)

*From California, to Canada, to arrival of the Pope, McAuliffe is there

*Ken Cuccinelli: John Boehner ‘hostile towards conservatives and our principles’ (Sure, if you define “conservatives” in this case as “extremist nutjobs like Ken Kookinelli!”)

*Va. Democrats hope investment in data and field operations pays off (“Under Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the party has hired dozens of field organizers and commissioned surveys.” That’s great, but not sure how effective it is without overarching messaging – using both traditional and social media – and I haven’t seen that yet.)

*Poll: Voters lukewarm about Nov. elections, but hot on some issues

*Another low turnout forecast for November election (Which raises the age-old question: should anyone care about your complaints regarding the government if you can’t even bother yourself to vote?!?)

*State wants more oversight after Virginia Beach nixes rail cars

*Former Falls Church political leader pleads guilty in molestation cases (“Three of the victims — all young girls — were at a slumber party with Michael Gardner’s 10-year-old daughter.” Blech.)

*Arlington to open  24-hour homeless shelter (“The $9.68 million facility will offer job training, health-care services, treatment for mental illness and substance abuse.” Nice!)

*Forecast: Goodbye sunshine, hello rain


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