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Wednesday News: Another GOP Fright Night; McAuliffe Will Reappoint Justice Roush


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, September 16. Also, check out the latest Virginia campaign finance reports, which continue to pour in. I hope to do some analysis of them later today, time permitting, and eventually get to my ratings of key State Senate and other races.

*As Shutdown Nears, Obama to Join Budget Fight

*G.O.P. Debate Night: What the 11 Leading Candidates Need to Do

*Is Jeb tough enough to survive Trump? (“Bush’s top fundraisers fear another lousy debate performance will precipitate an exodus of the big money”)

*The Ugly Message of Trump-Mania (“It’s easy to dismiss his rallies as spectacle, but voters are serious fans of his white nationalist resentment.” Shuddderrrr…)

*13 Things You’ll Probably Hear During The Second GOP Debate That Are Totally False

*Jeb Bush’s ‘voodoo economics’ (That alone should be disqualifying for president; the guy has ZERO understanding of economics. As in, nada, nil, none.)

*How to handle Donald Trump’s bullying (“They treat him as if he were a conventional candidate, and not the schoolyard bully he has been acting like.”)

*Scott Walker’s race to the bottom (Walker is a disgrace.)

*No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion (Great response to the usual b.s. from the Wall Street Journal)

*Bill Kristol loses it over Donald Trump: Vows he’d support third-party candidate – and hopes it’s Dick Cheney (Hahahahahaha.)

*New Poll: Kim Davis May Have Seriously Damaged the Cause of Anti-Gay “Religious Liberty” (Nice going Mike Huckabee, E.W.Jackson, etc. LOL)

*Jindal Publishes A Dystopian Fiction About A Future With President Trump (“The only people who would enjoy a Trump presidency are Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert. The jokes write themselves.”)

*Schapiro: McAuliffe, a la Godfather, needs wartime consigliere (“A Virginia governor, no matter how familiar with Virginia government, cannot function effectively without having an enforcer. Terry McAuliffe needs one.”)

*NOW LIVE: Sept. 15 Campaign Finance Reports

*Gecker has funding edge in race to succeed Watkins (Gecker had $151,807 cash on hand as of 8/31; Sturtevant had $40,122.)

*Opinion: Virginia Board of Health should repeal regulations that are closing women’s health clinics (Yep.)

*Returning rationality to abortion regulation

*RSLC getting into Virginia House, Senate races (“The group, once run by Republican fundraiser and 2014 U.S. Senate candidate Ed Gillespie, said Tuesday it was spending $250,000 on three state Senate campaigns, with donations to GOP candidates Glen Sturtevant, Nancy Dye and Hal Parrish.” Ee gads.)

*GOP group pumps $90k into 21st District Va. Senate race

*Virginia, Maryland legislators fighting fake Chesapeake Bay blue crab meat

*McAuliffe asserts legal right to reappoint Supreme Court justice (“The governor’s lawyer makes a case for recess appointments when the Virginia House says it’s in session.”)

*Democrat-Founded Latino Group Regrets Hosting Fundraiser for Republican (“The president of Latino Victory Fund, the political fundraising committee formed to bring more Latinos into elected office, attempted Monday to rescind support it had shown for Republican Danny Vargas, a candidate for Virginia Assembly.”)

*Senate candidate McCollum’s service claim was incorrect (“In campaign and business writings Gary McCollum said he is ‘currently a major in the Army Reserve.’ The Army said he was discharged in 2001.”)

*Va. Senate candidate misrepresents military record (“The Democrat challenging Frank Wagner fixes the error in his campaign materials.”)

*General Assembly to examine public historically black universities

*Another Beach probe in social services

*Virginia Beach votes to buy cars for light rail, which hasn’t been approved yet

*Special prosecutor appointed to investigate Loudoun County sheriff

(“Mike Chapman has been accused of illegally obtaining private e-mails and misrepresenting campaign donors.”)

*D.C. area forecast: Delightful days and excellent evenings, as shower chances stay slim

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