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Why Does the Washington Post Continue to Allow George Will Space In Its Pages?!?


George Will is a purveyor of climate science denialism and other Big Lies. Now he’s attacking Pope Francis, one of the greatest and most respected people in the world. Why on earth does the Washington Post give this cretin George Will space on its editorial page?!? It’s truly appalling, but sadly not surprising from Fred Hiatt and Company. With that, here are highlights from the top-rated comments ripping George Will’s unhinged screed.

91 “likes”: “Wow-if you think the Pope is harsh Will-try a little of Jesus-I don’t know when the column condemning Jesus and his obnoxious leftwing message will be coming out.”

86 “likes”: “Will writes about the Pope’s ‘fact free flamboyance’ on global warming. But the case for global warming is built on mountains of facts, on terabytes of data. With every new bit of information the case gets stronger, and the vast majority of the world’s scientists, however you count it, agree that manmade global warming is both real and a real threat. It is George who is on the fact free end of things here-it seems fitting here to mention the old bible saying -look first to the log in your own eye before critisizing the speck in anothers.”

68 “likes”: “Wow. The first Pope in Mr. Will’s lifetime who actually embraces the teachings of Jesus and Mr. Will responds by trashing him. Just… wow.”

55 “likes”: “George, climate change is settled, at least to those who base their reality on facts rather than politics. The Pope isn’t settling a scientific question, as you suggest, he’s accepting reality and asking what we’re going to do about it. You might try to do the same.”

49 “likes”: “I don’t see how even hard core conservatives would not be disgusted by this rubbish! This really crosses the line of decency and respect. Rotten tomatoes at the Big Words Boy.”

On and on it goes…where and when it stops, only Fred Hiatt knows?


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