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Gov. McAuliffe on WTOP Rips Hal Parrish as Liar, Defends I-66 Toll Plan, Praises Budget Deal, Says He’d Be Happy to See Donald Trump as GOP Nominee vs. Hillary Clinton


by Lowell

Gov. McAuliffe appeared on WTOP’s “Ask the Governor” this morning, and he was even feistier than usual. Here are a few highlights from reporters’ and Gov. McAuliffe’s Twitter feeds…among other things he defends the I-66 tolling plan, calls Republican Hal Parrish a liar, praised the federal budget deal, lauds Hillary Clinton’s performance in front of the Benghazi committee, says he’d love to see Donald Trump as the Republican nominee against Hillary Clinton, and suggests that either of Virginia’s two U.S. Senators would be excellent picks as Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

  • @GovernorVA Gov: EO50 is a common sense approach to stronger enforcement of VA gun laws – as elected officials it is time to step up on this issue.
  • ‏@GovernorVA Gov: My job is to get things done. That is why VA’s economy is growing. We have the lowest unemployment rate in southeast region at 4.3%.
  • @gmoomaw .@GovernorVA says he’s told Hillary: “I’ve got two great U.S. senators in Virginia. Both of them would be great choices for vice president”
  • @juliantwalker1 .@GovernorVA McAuliffe would be “fine” w/ a @HillaryClinton vs. @realDonaldTrump POTUS matchup, calls GOP debates so far a “circus”
  • ‏@jennaportnoy McAuiliffe on testimony: “11-hour campaign commercial for why Hillary Clinton should be commander in chief of the United State of America
  • @GovernorVA Gov: The education of our children, our future, should be a top priority as government. My upcoming budget will reflect that.
  • ‏@gmoomaw After lengthy answer saying Republicans are lying about I-66 tolls, @GovernorVA finishes: “Was that clear enough for you?”
  • @gmoomaw .@GovernorVA on federal budget deal: “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love it.”
  • @alana_austin “This is a great deal for Virginia.” – @GovernorVA says federal budget plan spares the commonwealth from debilitating cuts in recent years.
  • @GovernorVA Gov on I-66: Vital that we open up the most congested road to ensure that VAians are able to travel – I was elected to be a problem solver.”
  • @GovernorVA Gov on I-66: Plan increases options for single drivers w/out requiring people to pay tolls who don’t pay today. Other claims are false.
  • @alana_austin .@GovernorVA says forgoing Medicaid expansion & losing federal dollars in defense sector make Virginia vulnerable.
  • ‏@AlanSuderman .@governorva on WTOP hammers GOP candidate in key Senate race ahead of Election Day. “Hal Parrish is lying to you.”
  • @patrickmwilson .@GovernorVA begins WTOP radio show with attack on Manassas Mayor Hal Parrish, saying he’s a liar and “horrible on women’s issues.”

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