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Video: Democrats Rally in Support of Northern Virginia Muslims


Note that it’s the Democratic Party standing up for our fellow citizens, while the Republican frontrunners for President in 2016 (and others, like 2013 Virginia GOP nominee for Lt. Governor E.W. Jackson) engage in the most vile, inflammatory, divisive and dangerous demagoguery against one of the largest religions in the world. For instance, unless we’re going to start labeling terrorism by religion in all cases – “Christian terrorism,” “Jewish terrorism,” “Buddhist terrorism,” whatever – then there is absolutely no excuse for doing so when it happens to be an extremist Muslim. Sorry, but there happen to be a small minority of extremists in every faith (and among people who have no faith too), but that doesn’t justify demonizing the entire faith because of it, just like when white supremacist Dylann Roof  murdered nine African Americans in an act of domestic terrorism, we didn’t immediately say “all white Christian males are terrorists.” Is this really THAT difficult for some people (e.g., Donald Trump, E.W. Jackson, Ted Cruz) to understand?!?


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