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VA GOP “Loyalty Oath” – the One Trump Hated – Bites the Dust


See The Bull Elephant for more.

The party’s governing body has voted by acclamation to no longer require a Statement of Affiliation to vote in the March 1 GOP presidential primary

The Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee (“SCC”), meeting in Richmond, today voted to remove the requirement it had adopted in September 2015 to require voters in its March 1 presidential primary to sign a statement indicating they are Republican.

The move comes after outcry from various quarters of the party, notably from Donald Trump, who excoriated the party for what he alleged was a move designed to exclude voters sympathetic to his candidacy. However, this does not seem to have made any impact of the SCC’s decision.

Too bad, I was really enjoying this (e.g., that shouting match between right-wingnut David Ramadan and Trumpista John Fredericks is classic!) and hoping to see a bunch of pissed-off Trump supporters storming out of the polls here in Virginia on March 1. 🙂


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