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Video: Virginia Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall Condescendingly Calls ACLU Attorney, Women’s/LGBTQ Rights Lobbyist, “Miss ACLU”


The following video is from a hearing Monday in a Virginia House of Delegates subcommittee, at which legislators were (in the words of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia) to “vote on several #antichoice bills, including a 20wk ban,” and to vote on a “bill to repeal [Virginia’s] mandatory ultrasound” law and other womens’-health-related measures.

According to Gail Deady, a “Women’s/LGBTQ Rights lobbyist and litigation attorney” at the ACLU: Del. Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) “called me “Miss ACLU” at a hearing today. Upgrade from that time a judge called me “little missy” in court. #EverydaySexism.” This sexist outburst by Marshall, by the way, was apparently triggered by Deady’s testimony that the “medical studies” Marshall was citing weren’t peer reviewed or double blind.

Sadly, this kind of garbage isn’t surprising when it comes to rabid anti-choice Republicans, like Marshall. As if that wasn’t bad enough, “Sideshow Bob,” as I like to call this extremist freakazoid, discussed his “bid to require doctors to give women seeking an abortion medically inaccurate information,” and to “force doctors to lie to [women] seeking abortion by telling them that #abortion leads to preterm birth.” Clearly, as Planned Parenthood of Virginia Executive Director explained, “this…is about shaming & coercing women – not ‘informing’ them.” Then, as Progress Virginia put it, “Del Marshall decide[d] to add a little sexism to his anti-abortion diatribe, describ[ing] attorney in opposition as ‘Miss ACLU.'”

Fortunately, in the end, “Committee [did] not report or defeat Bob Marshall misinformation bill – it stay[e]d in committee.” Which made the nutjob mad, apparently: “Del. Bob Marshall is getting angry. Challenges VCU physician’s medical expertise: “I hope you aren’t going forget med school’.” Stay classy, Sideshow Bob, stay classy!

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