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Get Ready for the “Gish Gallop” Campaign


Those of us who survived the 2012 election cycle as Obama supporters remember with dread the first debate of the cycle. The lying Republican nominee from Bain Capital (I swore never again to use his name, because of what a liar he is), won the debate hands down. Everyone came away astonished at how Mr. Bain dominated the President and just left him silent and stymied.

How did he do that? How did this faker manage to take apart the leader of the free world with such deft skill? How did that happen? Well, after a bit of research we figured it out: he lied, but in a very specific way. It’s called “the Gish Gallop”:

“The Gish Gallop is the debating technique of drowning an opponent in such a torrent of small arguments that the opponent cannot possibly answer or address each one in real time. More often than not, these myriad arguments are full of half-truths, lies, and straw-man arguments — the only condition is that there be many of them, not that they be particularly compelling on their own. They may be escape hatches or “gotcha” arguments that are specifically designed to be brief, but take a long time to unravel. Thus, galloping is frequently used in timed debates (especially by creationists) to overwhelm one’s opponent.”

Now, look at what Trump has done to the Republicans so far in this nomination season. He’s bullied, chastised, blustered, faked and distorted what little there is of his own record. He is shameless about every little lie and every big bluster. He doesn’t really care about winking at racist terrorists like the KKK, when he knows the dog whistle game he’s playing. He’ll throw under the bus women, muslims, his own endorsers (“Now get on the plane and go home, Chris Christie), his party, his competitors, basically anyone in order to make a point. Moreover, there is no bit of truth he won’t lie about in order to aggrandize himself or make his competition look smaller.

There is a reason that half the world has closed their doors to him already, and a reason that the vast majority of his business enterprises have closed their doors. His promises are worth nothing. His word is worth nothing. His allegiance is only to himself, and his Administration would leave the world longing for the good old days of George W. Bush.

Trump will say anything to make a buck or earn a vote, but he’s full of it on everything he says and everything he does. When it comes down to him and either Hillary or Bernie, prepare for such a deluge of daily bullshit, that Obama vs. Mr. Bain will look like the Lincoln / Douglas debates.

Worse, it’ll be such a disaster that the idiot media will give it infinite coverage and enough space to actually make him look like a viable candidate rather than a reality show, wrestling promoter, looking for the ultimate gold star to put on his resume, screw the US and any other concerns that might matter.

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